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30% Cashback on Ad spend
30% cashback with a maximum cashback of $150 USD

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30% Cashback on Ad spend

30% cashback with a maximum cashback of $150 USD

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You can get the following

30% Cashback on Ad spend

30% cashback with a maximum cashback of $150 USD

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TikTok Ads Promotional Code

TikTok Ads Promotional Code

With TikToks rise to being one of the biggest social platforms around it's no surprise that businesses are starting to run ads on it, our TikTok ads promotional code gives you 30% cashback up to a maximum of $150 USD.

TikTok for Business is the go-to platform for running ads on TikTok, whether you're a small ecommerce business testing the waters or a large SaaS company aiming to increase your TikTok presence this year, using our TikTok ads promo code can save you up to $150 in the process.

As one of the most engaging social platforms, TikTok is attracting more businesses to allocate larger budgets to reach their audience and customers. If you haven't explored TikTok ads yet, it's definitely worth considering. Businesses use TikTok ads to drive sales, generate leads, attract new customers, retarget existing ones, boost conversions, and build brand audiences.

How to use this TikTok ads Promo code

We always like to make it as easy as possible to use codes, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Visit this TikTok ad credit offer page
  2. Click the "Get Started' button and follow the instructions
  3. The 30% cashback offer will be automatically added to your account

Please note that TikTok ads promo codes are automatically added and you won't need to type in a discount or coupon code to redeem this specific offer.

Eligibility for this TikTok ad credit

There are various eligibility criteria for this offer, please see below and the TikTok page directly for the most up to date criteria:

  • If eligible you can get 30% cashback on your ad spend up to a maximum cashback of $150 USD
  • New registered advertisers must meet the below criteria:
    • The registered advertisers have a self-serve SMB account
    • The advertiser has registered in the last 30 days, but has not launched their first paid campaign
    • The new advertising account is not a TikTok Shop account
    • Only one new advertising account under one new TikTok For Business account is eligible for this offer.
    • Multiple advertising accounts under one TikTok For Business account, or a TikTok For Business account with an existing active advertising account are not eligible for this offer.
  • Currently this TikTok ad credit promo code is available for advertisers within the following regions: US, AU, CA, GB, SG, IE, NZ, VN, TH, JP, ID, DE, SA, FR, CA, MY, IT, NL, EG, ES, MA, RO, BR, BR, AE, IL, KR, PH, PL, MX, SE, CH, BE, KH, CO, TR, PE, AT, ZA, KW, PT, DK, HU, NO, GR, FI, EC, CL, CZ
  • Coupon is redeemable until 2024/07/31
  • Coupon is eligible for 30 days after receiving
  • Eligible advertisers will receive the cashback within 24 hours of spend
  • The coupon can only be used in non-shop ads product
  • For cashback, only non-coupon spending is eligible

TikTok ad credit

TikTok ad credits

We work with partners such as TikTok to get you the best TikTok ad credit offers and coupons so you can try out the TikTok platform and see if it works for your business.

Companies like this offer these TikTok ad credit as an incentives for founders and businesses to try out running ads, the hope being that you get a good return on your investment and so continue to allocate budget and spend to their platform.

Typically thee TikTok ads sign up offers give you free credit, cashback or matched credit depending on how much you spend, in general, the more you spend the bigger your cashback or discount the coupon will give you.

It's worth noting that nearly all of the TikTok promo codes will have terms and conditions and more specifically a maximum amount you can either save, get in credit or coupon back, so make sure to you make a note of it when signing up.

Who are TikTok ads good for?

Like other social media platforms, TikTok is a great place to run ads for almost all size and type of company. From early stage startups, freelancers and small businesses to large corporate enterprises, this is due to the ability to control your budget, your target audience and spend.

Budgets no matter the size can test out different types of advertising methods via TikTok, from in-feed videos, sponsored hashtags, collaborations with influencers and much more.

TikToks audience

If you think the audience on this platform may not be right for you then we would say that this is a common misconception, the demographics on TikTok have changed massively from the eartly days where it was a younger audience and now you'll find a wide range of people of all ages and countries using TikTok on a daily basis.

Are TikTok ads worth running?

In our opinion, the simple answer is yes, but it's never straightforward. Like any advertising, it's all about testing to see if it works for you and your business.

We recommend trying all your ad options with a test budget that your business can afford to lose if it doesn't yield results. If you start seeing visitors, leads, and sales, you can then optimize your ads to make them more efficient, improve conversions, and reduce costs per new customer or lead. The platform is trusted by the biggest companies in the world and used by advertisers of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, so we believe it's definitely worth exploring for most businesses.

You can read our TikTok for Business review

Why we love TikTok for Business

There are many reasons for using TikTok for business and running ads on this platform including:

  • Access to get in front of millions of people and target to your audience
  • Wide range of different ad formats that you can test out and run for your business
  • Team up with influencers to give your ads more authenticity and reach
  • Help your short form video bring in more sales and leads

Why we don't love TikTok for Business

Of course with every business there are some downsides to using platforms, this may include:

  • Your demographic may not be on the platform, although the platform has millions of users, some older generations still may not use it much
  • Competitive landscape as lots of businesses have started to put more and more budget into the platform
  • Although other formats are possible, you'll likely still need to produce some good video content in formats and styles that work well on the platform, this can take time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much free TikTok ad credit can I get?

The amount of free TikTok ad credit you will get will depend on the offer you go for, currently we only offer a cashback offer which is a maximum of $150 USD.

How to get $1500 in free TikTok ads credit?

A common question, this is because at one point TikTok did run a promo offering up to $1500 in free TikTok ad credit, however this is currently not an active promotion that is running. We of course will let you know if this promotion ever comes back live and will do so on this page.

Are these TikTok ads coupons live and working?

Yes, we make sure that are TikTok promo codes for ads and business accounts are valid and working, in the unlikely scenario where one is not please do let us know and we can investigate it.

Are there other TikTok ad promo codes available?

We will list all active TikTok for Business promo codes on this page that we have permission to share, some websites will post ones found which may not be valid for others to use and this can cause issues with accounts.

We only ever list active coupons that we have permission to share with our audience and members so you can be sure that they will work as long as you meet all of the eligibility criteria.

How much are TikTok ads?

Ad costs can vary massively dependant on many factors, check out our how much are TikTok ads in 2024 guide for more in depth information about this.

Are there any TikTok coupons for existing business customers?

Sadly we don't have any TikTok ad credit offers that are available to existing ad customers, these types of coupons rarely do become available unfortunately.