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100% Off For One Year on CMS site plan
100% off your first full year of a CMS site plan
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Webflow Promo Code

Webflow Promo Code

Webflow is a website builder that allows you to build incredible looking websites with no-code all through your website browser, if you're looking for a Webflow promo code then you're in luck as we've partnered directly with Webflow to be able to give you 12 months free on a CMS plan, this Webflow coupon is available to those that meet the criteria below. We are a startup partner of Webflow and therefore any Webflow promo codes or offers such as this one are valid, working and we have permission to share with our members.

Webflow discount you can get:

  • For those that meet the criteria below you can enjoy 100% off your first full year of a CMS site plan
  • This can save around $348

Eligibility requirements

  • Have raised no more than Series A funding
  • Have raised less than $15 million
  • Have less than 50 employees
  • Are a new Webflow customer
  • A member of premium FounderPass (Join here)

We're big fans of Webflow as a no-code website builder, in fact we loved it so much that we built this very website with it. It's the perfect platform for building any website whether you're looking to create a small website, a larger one for your business or even ecommerce sites.

How to redeem this Webflow Promo Code

If getting a CMS plan for free for 12 months sounds like a Webflow promo code that you'd like to redeem then simply follow the steps below to get this Webflow discount.

Step 1. Make sure you're a member of FounderPass (as a full member you'll get access to over $2 million of discounts including this offer)

Step 2. Visit the link that is shown on the top of page when you're logged in

Step 3. Fill in the form on the Webflow making sure you 'FounderPass' this way they can verify with us that you are a full member

Step 4. Webflow will contact you with the next steps to redeem the 12 months free Webflow promo code.

Webflow discount

The currently Webflow discount you'll be able to get if you meet the above criteria is 12 months of the CMS plan for free, this saves you $87 and lets you try out the platform to see if it works for you and your needs. The discount for Webflow will work once per new customer and you will need to make sure you are eligible to ensure you get sent the Webflow coupon code from Webflow once they have verified that you do and are also a member of FounderPass.

It's important to note that Webflow do not typically offer discounts and promo codes, unlike some other web hosting and website builders who constantly offer codes and so they are readily available, Webflow have taken a slightly different approach and rarely offer any promo codes. So if you do find some on other sites they will likely not work or be expired, finding ones that are valid and working is rare. If you do find one it may be an unauthorized one that has been shared without permission, as you will see we are listed directly on the Webflow.com website as a partner so you can be assured we are authorized to give this deal to our members.

Webflow student discount

If you're a student or educator then you may be able to qualify for a Webflow student discount that lets you have a annual CMS site plan for free, please find additional info about the Webflow for student plan on the Webflow website. This is a fantastic offer for those in education and can really help you get started and play around making beautiful and effective websites.

You will need to be currently enrolled into an accredited college or school and have an email address that is given to you, alternatively you will need to be doing one of the approved online course partners that can give you a unique link that will give you the same student discount.

There is also an option to teach web design in your classroom, for this you'll need a workplace account and you can apply for this via the link above, this is a great way for you and your students to learn one of the latest and fastest growing web design platforms around.

Is Webflow free?

One of the most common questions that gets asked is the one of 'Is Webflow free?' and the answer to this is, yes to a degree. You can use Webflow with the Starter plan and this is free, but it limits you to what you can do for example you can't use a custom domain name on this plan and you're limited to a certain number of CMS items as well as bandwidth. This is still a great option if you do want to try out Webflow but you could also use the Webflow promo codes that we supply above to simply use the full CMS plan for free for 12 months if you think there is a high likelihood that you'll want to continue using this after the 12 months.

How much will I save using a Webflow promo code?

If accepted for the Webflow for startups offer then you will get 100% off the cost of the CMS plan for the first year, now typically this costs $29 per month or $26 per month if billed annually, so this deal can save you up to $348

Obviously this is much better than opting to simply sign up and pay that straight away, of course our membership price will need to be taken into account ($99/year) but you will save this on the cost of this one perk alone as well as getting access to over $2 million of discounts on other software and tools with our users average saving of thousands over the year.

Webflow pricing

We do check this article for the most up to date pricing but we do always recommend that you check on the companies website directly to ensure that the prices you see are the ones you get.

Other perks of using a Webflow discount

Of course the saving is great but by signing up to Webflow and building on this platform you'll be able to get some other fantastic benefits too.

These include features such as:

  • One of the fastest
  • Used by millions of designers and over 200,000 organizations across the world
  • Create beautiful websites using a visual canvas
  • Websites that are optimized for marketing
  • SEO optimized platform
  • Scaleable, so as your business grows so can your website
  • Over 400+ free lessons to learn how to use it
  • Huge number of templates both free and paid
  • Explore Made in Webflow and clone beautiful designs for free
  • Build for free with the free plan

Who can use this Webflow discount

This Webflow discount is available to those that meet the criteria listed higher up on this page, essentially this is aimed towards new customers and startups looking for a helping hand when it comes to costs.

These discounts mean you'll be able to get 12 months of a CMS plan for free, a great help for startups for whom costs can quickly add up and budgets are often tighter.

Webflow discount

This Webflow offer is available to those who are associated with a startup partner, FounderPass is a Webflow startup partner therefore our members can apply for this discount.

Which plan is right for you?

So you've decided that Webflow is the right platform for you to build on, the next question is always which plan is right for you, just because you can get 12 months for free on the 'CMS' plan with our Webflow promo code doesn't mean it is definitely the right one for you.

Browse through the Webflow pricing page and see which features you need, for example if you have no need for a CMS on your website (Content Management System) then a lower plan such as the 'Basic' one may be a better choice. On the opposite side you may already need more than the 'CMS' plan offers so you might need to start on the 'Business' one from the get go.

Only you will know exactly which plan to go for and that suits your needs, you can of course upgrade and downgrade between plans at any time so it's not the end of the world if you pick one and then work out that it's not quite right for you.

Who is Webflow for?

One of the great things about this platform is that it is suited to all types of people, from those doing a side project to those who are running businesses to those who have raised funding and have a startup that needs a beautiful website all the way to website agencies to design client websites on and everything in between. 

We love how you can get all the benefits of fantastic coded websites but all built in a visual editor that makes life so much easier

Our Webflow verdict

There is no denying how good Webflow is, there is a reason that millions have started using it as well as switching from platforms such as Wordpress. being just 10 years old Webflow is still often seen as a newer option in comparison to more established companies but it certainly has taken the website building market by storm.

It's a great choice for designers as well as non-designers, this combined with the Webflow promo code we offer means it's a great choice to start or carry on your website building journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use this Webflow promo code?

As long as you meet the criteria that are listed at the top of this page then you should be fine to qualify for the 12 months free that this code gives you

Is this promo code active in 2024?

Yes, as we partner directly with each of the companies we list on FounderPass you can be ensured that they have directly given us permission to give our members access to these discounts and free credits

Can I use this on an other plans?

Currently this Webflow promo code is only valid on the CMS plan.

Can I use this Webflow promo code as an existing customer?

This offer is currently only available to new customers, so if you have an existing Webflow account you will not be able to redeem this on that account.