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NordPass Promo Code

NordPass Promo Code

If you're looking for a better way to manage your companies access to passwords then NordPass Business may just be the solution. They specialize in offering companies of all sizes a seamless password experience ensuring security is a priority.

Additionally, you can enjoy our NordPass Business coupon giving you a 10% discount on any plans.

How to use this NordPass Business discount

It couldn't be easier to redeem our NordPass for business promo code, simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to the NordPass page here
  2. Click the 'Purchase Now' button and select the plan and number of users of your choice
  3. Enter the promo code that can be found at the top of this page at check out
  4. The 10% discount will applied to your plan

As you can see below the discount will be applied and you'll see the saving, the amount you'll save will depend on the plan you choose as well as the number of users.

NordPass business discount codes

NordPass business features

Every business will have countless different passwords and users who need access to these passwords and trying to manage it effectively can become a job in itself. This is where NordPass comes into play for businesses as it takes all of the hassle and potential security issues out of play with its password solution.

At the heart of the offering is the password manager, allowing you and your team to start managing your passwords in one secure centralized place, no more jotting down passwords on a piece of paper or having a Google Doc filled with them.

There are a wide variety of different features they offer but at the core are the following:

  • Encrypted Storage - Store all of you company and team passwords, passkeys, and other sensitive information in an encrypted vault.
  • Secure Access Sharing - Share access to these passwords, passkeys and data between teams securely and effortlessly.
  • Efficient Member Onboarding and Offboarding - Streamline the process of adding and removing team members, so they can either get immediate access to tools as a new employee or you can revoke access instantly when a team member leaves.
  • Effective Data Breach Monitoring - Monitor for potential data breaches and take swift action if they do occur.
  • Password Strength Detection - Detect weak, old, and reused passwords to enhance security across your business
  • Instant Password Import - If you use existing password managers then you can easily import passwords from these or browsers.
  • Company-wide Settings - Implement and manage security policies across the organization.
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) - Add an extra layer of security with MFA.
  • Quick and Smooth Account Recovery - Ensure seamless account recovery processes.
  • Google Workplace SSO - Integrate with Google Workplace for seamless SSO.
  • NordPass Authenticator - Use the built-in authenticator for added security.
  • Activity Log - Monitor and review access and changes within the platform.

You’ll find that this software will quickly become an essential tool for your business‍ not only for how much more effective your company will handle everything relating to passwords but how you can ensure your business is more protected and secure going forward.

Why use NordPass for your company?

If your team are noting down passwords in diaries or notepads, on Google Docs, saved to Chrome or other browsers then this can become a big security issue. Not only can these passwords potentially get lost or stolen easily, when someone leaves the business often the passwords are lost forever and trying to get back access to software or tools can become a real nightmare.

This is where a business password manager can come into play, offering you a way to have passwords stored in encrypted vaults, easily and secuelyrely share passwords with other team members, if someone leaves the company you can revoke their access and change passwords easily and fast.

Onboarding new team members will become a lot easier now that you use a password manager and will be a process that takes seconds rather than hours.

Why your team will love NordPass Business

You may not know but it’s very likely that your employees will likely find remembering lots of passwords hard and often will note them down either in writing, on personal phones, in Word or Google Docs or countless other places.

When it comes to sharing access to documents, tools and software that require a password you may also find that they simply private message or email their login credentials to colleagues which will not pass your companies compliance and security protocols. 

NordPass for business will help not only make your business more secure but make life for your team much easier without the need to remember passwords, passkeys and secure information. Sharing access and logins will also be easier and secure for them and you as a company.

Some of the key reasons that we love this tool are:

  • The user-friendly interface - NordPass have an easy-to-use interface, ensuring that employees can quickly adapt and make the most of its features.
  • Quick autofill - Speed up everyday tasks with quick autofill for forms and login credentials.
  • Access on all devices - Enjoy seamless access to passwords and sensitive information on any device.
  • Top-notch security certifications - NordPass Business is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified and independently audited by Cure53.
  • 24/7 premium support - Access 24/7 support service for quick issue resolution.
  • Future-ready technology - NordPass is the only password manager using the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm and benefits from machine learning to autofill forms.

There are countless other reasons why you should consider a password manager for your business but these are some of the main reasons you team will love using one.

NordPass Business pricing

When it comes to pricing for NordPass Business plans you’ll find that there are three core plans which are Teams, Business and Enterprise. Each have different features and which you will pick will depend on your specific company needs and size.

Each have different features so make sure you select a plan that has the features you require and make sure that you fit the number of users it advises.

You can purchase plans either on a yearly or two year basis and as you’d expect the longer the plan the lower the price. 

Don’t forget to use our exclusive NordPass Business promo code so you can save an extra 10% on the pricing you see.

NordPass Business Pricing

You'll see an indication of the business plans above, please check the website for the latest plans and pricing, you'll find they offer their tool for businesses across the world from the US to the UK and everywhere inbetween.

FAQs on this NordPass discount

Some of the most common questions are below in relation to this particular offer.

Who can use this NordPass business promo code?

Any new NordPass business customer can use this promo code, unfortunately you cannot use this discount code if you are an existing business customer looking to change plans. 

Can the NordPass business coupons be used on any plan?

Yes, these coupons can be used on any of the plans for business and any number of users, so no matter if your company has only a few members on your team or if you are a 1,000+ strong team you’ll be able to apply this discount to your plans potentially saving thousands.

Are these valid and working discount codes?

Yes unlike other websites we only ever publish codes that are directly given to us from the company in question in this case NordPass. This way we and you know that the code will work and give you the discount that is advertised.

Do NordPass Business run sales?

From time to time companies like this do run sales, often for major holidays such as Black Friday however these are often put live for a short period of time and no one can predict when these will be, so if you are looking to use the tool then it is can be a long waiting game if you want to use a sale.