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Spott is pretty clever, it allows you to make interactive content, such as videos which you can essentially tag content within it for your users to interactive with. For example you can take a video and tag clothing in it, showing users (if they click on the spot that is attached to that item in the section of video) information such as price, a link to buy etc. Not only can you tag content in it at certain timeframes but you can also add call to actions throughout the video at any point. Promo Code

We big fans of the technology the team have developed and love how they implemented it, so we've teamed up with them to allow you to enjoy a promo code giving you a discount when you sign up. A great way to try this wonderful tool and save some money in the process. Review

They aren't the sole company to have such technology but we love how they have implemented it, from a review stand point this means those with no tech/coding skills can use the tool and create interactive content. It's a unique way to add more value to your content and help it to ultimate earn you more money, by allowing users to interact with it they'll be more deeply involved as well as the obvious that if for example they spot something in your video they can instantly see what it is, where to buy it and so on, where as if it were traditional standalone video then they would have to guess what to search on your website to find it. Not only relying on their interpretation of what the item may be called but also the ability of your websites search engine.

We feel this tech is most suitable for those with ecommerce sites where you either have video content or plan to produce it and want a way for users to be able to see what is within the video without you having to manually add a description below a video and hope they read it.

Video Tagging Software

Video tagging software has been around for a while, if you want to do something like this yourself you'll need a big team of tech to produce it so using a tool such as can be a massive help, allowing yourself or your team to tag content and do it yourself. Their is either a monthly or quarterly cost but this is relatively cheap in terms of what results it can produce. Especially if you choose to use the discount code that we've managed to get for our members.

Be sure to check out some of the case studies that they've done, this will help better explain what they do, as this kind of tool is somewhat harder to explain than if you see a visual representation or a case study showing what it can.