Application Performance Monitoring & Error Checking

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Sentry Promo Code

Sentry Promo Code

FounderPass proudly presents Sentry, the ultimate application performance monitoring and error reporting platform tailored for developers. As a part of our exclusive partnership, startups can take advantage of a generous offer: 6 months free on the Team Plan.

Our Sentry promo code will give 6 months free on the Team plan as long as you meet the following criteria:

Sentry helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. With Sentry, developers around the world save time, energy, and probably a few therapy sessions. Pre-Series A member companies can take advantage of 6 free months of Sentry's Team Plan.

This benefit applies to pre-Series A companies meeting the following conditions:

(i) company is not yet using Sentry, or

(ii) company is using Sentry's open-source, self-hosted product, or

(iii) company is on a free/developer Sentry plan

How to redeem the Sentry promo code

When it comes to using Sentry promo codes it really couldn't be easier, just follow the below steps and you'll be able to redeem it in no time.

  1. Make sure you're logged in to your FounderPass account
  2. Click the 'Get the deal' button and fill in the short form requesting this deal
  3. We'll email you the details which take a minute or two to complete
  4. As long as you meet the criteria above you'll be able to get the 6 months free discount


Sentry is not just a monitoring platform; it's a developer's ally, uniquely designed to identify, debug, and resolve issues efficiently.

Key Features:

Error Monitoring:

  • Prioritize what matters: Triage issues based on their impact on customers and find the root cause swiftly.
  • Context is key: Sentry provides comprehensive context, including environment details, device information, operating system, and even the specific commit that introduced the error - down to the broken line of code.
  • Automation at its best: Keep your team informed with custom alerts in Slack, sync issues seamlessly with Jira, and track releases effortlessly from GitHub, Vercel, or Netlify.

Performance Monitoring:

  • See what’s slow, faster: Identify your slowest spans and understand the endpoints or operations consuming the most time across all your projects and the entire stack.
  • Reduce performance issues: Sentry automatically detects and notifies you of critical performance issues, allowing you to trace every slow transaction to its root cause.
  • Browser profiling & production: Visually test your app's performance in any environment, including production, enabling you to optimize resource consumption and troubleshoot faster.

Session Replay:

  • Debug with visual context: Navigate your application's console output, network calls, and inspect the DOM tree, all within Sentry's interface.
  • Protect user privacy: Sentry prioritizes user privacy, offering privacy controls to ensure no sensitive information leaves the browser during the debugging process.
  • User frustration signals: Identify dead clicks and rage clicks in the Replay view to understand where users are encountering issues.

Code Coverage:

  • Shorten review cycles: Catch software issues early in the development process, preventing them from escalating into more complex problems.
  • PR insights: Code coverage pull request comments allow you to analyze PR coverage and risk without leaving your workflow.
  • Efficient testing: Run only the tests you need on a PR-by-PR basis automatically, saving time and effort.

As you'd expect trust, compliance and security are paramount for Sentry. The platform employs industry-standard technologies and services to secure your data from unauthorized access.

Sentry is one of the most popular tools when it comes to app monitoring and with the platform having been built for developers many fellow developers love it as it's intuitive and does everything that they need the tool to do.

With FounderPass, you can enjoy Sentry for 6 months free on the Team plan, just follow the steps above to redeem the promo code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sentry promo code for anyone to use?

Currently the only available Sentry promo code on offer is for new customers only, that means if you're an existing customer of Sentry you won't be able to use this specific coupon to get a discount. We are always working to try and get the best promo and discounts for you so keep an eye on this page if you are an existing customer to see if we get any new codes available for you to use.

Do you have other promo codes?

We list all of the available Sentry promo codes on this page, if you don't find a deal that fits with you i.e you're a Series A funded startup or you're already a Sentry customer then sadly we can't currently offer you a discount.

Can I use Sentry with AWS?

Yes you can, it can take 5-15 minutes to get this implemented depending on your skills and knowledge, you an pair this with our free AWS credits offer to make the most of the two tools.

Is the Sentry promo code valid and working?

Yes, we make sure that all of our Sentry promo code and discounts are valid and working at all times, we do this by negioting and getting the deals directly from Sentry themselves, we never scrape the internet or accept user submitted coupons.

This way we know that the deal you see here will 100% work and be available for you to use, this is how we operate across our site saving you the time and hassle of attempting to use codes that don't work.