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$50,000 in Mixpanel Credits

Get access to $50,000 of Mixpanel Credits.

Visit the unique link and apply, select 'Other' on the application and enter 'FounderPass' to ensure your application is valid.
Visit the unique link and apply, select 'Other' on the application and enter 'FounderPass' to ensure your application is valid.
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Mixpanel Discount

We've excited to let you know about this deal for startups, we've teamed up with Mixpanel so that you can enjoy $50,000 towards the Mixpanel growth plan! These credits are valid for 1 year and cover the costs of the plan as well as additional data fees. To be eligible for this you to need to be a business that is under 2 years old, have raised no more than $5 million in funding and not currently on any of the Mixpanel paid plans.

Data is so important for businesses nowadays and if you want to make sure your customers get the best experience as well as making sure your company innovates then you need to ensure you're collecting and using data properly. Mixpanel allows you to do this by giving you the answer to your users behaviour in seconds even if you're not used to using an analytics system (perfect for all businesses whether a startup or not). It's important for businesses to understand that data isn't a one off thing you analyse once, change and leave, with Mixpanel it helps push you to constantly analyse your business, product and users to ensure you're giving the best experience for them.

In summary:

  • Better products, faster: Gather deeper insights about your product so you can build, measure, and learn quicker than ever.
  • Powerful analytics for all: Give people at all technical levels the ability to self-serve answers and make data-informed decisions.
  • Create product-led growth: Know why users convert, engage, and retain so you can make product improvements that they love.
  • Launch with confidence: Discover which feature releases, experiments, and engagement campaigns truly moved your metrics.

Mixpanel $50,000 credits

We love nothing more than when a company supports startups and founders, Mixpanel are one of these said companies and they have gone above and beyond to offer you $50,000 in credits. These Mixpanel credits are available for startups who meet the above criteria and as long as you do then you'll be able to take advantage of all of the features that Mixpanel have to offer to help your business grow.

What does Mixpanel do?

Put simply, they are a powerful product analytics service which can help you to convert your visitors, engage with them and retain more of your users. Essentially this will mean the value each visitor who lands your website will go up and so your acquisition costs will go down.

One of our favourite features is the ability to deep dive into where and why users drop off your website or sign up process, this can be essential to making sure you fix the reasons behind them dropping off. Another handy feature is the ability to track retention of users and analyse who is using your product and staying the longest on it.

Over 26,000 companies including big names such as Uber, Twitter, GoDaddy, Expedia and DocuSign all use Mixpanel which says a lot, these big companies know what works and the fact that they use Mixpanel means it could very well be ideal for your company.