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Premium members can get 100% off your first $1 million in revenue

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FounderPass members get

100% off until first $500k in revenue

Get 100% off your first $500,000 in revenue

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FounderPass members get

100% off until first $500k in revenue
Get 100% off your first $500,000 in revenue
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ChargeBee Discounts

ChargeBee Discounts

This is one of our best perks which can save you up to $7,500 in fees and costs, we've partnered and directly with Chargebee to offer you access to their Starter plan for free until you hit your first $1 million (USD) in cumulative revenue if you're a Premium FounderPass member or up to $500,000 in revenue if you're a free member.

Chargebee discounts like this are a fantastic way for you to save thousands on the fee's normally associated with taking payments from your customers and can really help your business to grow.

How to redeem this Chargebee discount

It's really easy to redeem this offer with the Chargebee promo code that you'll be able to see at the top of this page when logged in.

  1. Make sure you're signed into your FounderPass account (or join us on either our free membership for up to $500k fee free or our paid membership for just $99/year for up to $1 million in fee free transactions
  2. )
  1. Then copy the promo code/partner code you'll find at the top of this page
  2. Enter the code during the sign up form

That's all, you'll then be able to get started by accessing the onboarding docs as well as joining live product demos and Q&A sessions.

Chargebee eligibility criteria and terms

To be eligible for this offer you must:

  • Be a new Chargebee customer. The discount and promo code can't be used by existing customers
  • Have less than $1 million (USD) in cumulative revenue
  • When you hit $1 million (USD) in revenue the discount/offer expires

Why we love Chargebee

Chargebee is a popular option for subscription businesses who are looking to grow, acquire, retain and manage their customers across countries.

We're big fans of Chargebee for subscription focused businesses for many reasons including:

  • Easy handling of all your billing - manage subscriptions, billing and invoices at scale
  • Automated and compliant revenue recognition
  • Get paid faster with proactive collection strategies
  • Reduce churn and increase lifetime values
  • Impressive analytics - Giving you a full view of your subscriptions with beautiful dashboards
  • Good range of integrations including Hubspot, Quickbooks, Slack, Intercom, Zendesk and Pipedrive
  • Trusted by over 6,500 businesses serving over 225 countries

Who is Chargebee for?

Chargebee is perfect for any business that sells subscription-based products or services. This includes businesses of all sizes, from SaaS companies to membership sites to educational platforms.

Essentially if you are charging a fee to a customer on a regular basis, be it monthly, annually, quarterly etc then this subscription and everything around it can be managed within the platform.

Popular types of company that use Chargebee include:

  • SaaS software
  • Membership websites
  • Subscription e-commerce businesses
  • Businesses using subscriptions as part of their financial models

How much can you save using a Chargebee coupon?

If you take advantage of our Chargebee coupon which gives you access to the special Chargee starter plan which is fee free until your first $1m in revenue if you're a FounderPass premium member (or $500k if you're on the FounderPass free plan) then the amount you'll save will depend on your revenue.

If your businesses revenue ends up using the whole $1 million fee free amount then you'll save around $7,500 in costs which is a significant amount that you can put towards other parts of your business.

Why do Chargebee offer this?

Like many companies, they offer this deal for a number of reasons, one being that they can acquire a customer, albeit you may not make them much revenue straight away but if you're successful the hope is that you will stay with them as they supported you during your startup phase and become a revenue generating source for them.

Additionally, Chargebee were a startup company themselves and the founders had help from other companies along the way and wish to pass this on to other companies. Often the first million is revenue is the hardest so any support to help you on the road to this can be really beneficial.

How Chargebee works

Keeping your subscriptions healthy and your customers happy is always key for any business whereby recurring payments are a main part of your revenue. Chargebee offer you a great way to offer the best experience for your customers while also allowing you to test new ways to charge and monetize your customer base and products.

Chargebee works in the following way:

  1. Integrates with over 29 different payment processors - Allow user friendly payments from all your favourites including Stripe, GoCardless,, as well as payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and many more.
  2. Automate your billing - Using logic you can create recurring billing as well as automating your invoices and much more
  3. Manage your subscriptions - Using their software you can automate the subscription operations from the point of checkout all the way to reconciliation
  4. Revenue operations - Allows you to connect your billing to the rest of your tech stack, helping ensure all your data is both synced as well as accurate as possible.
How Chargebee works

Our Chargebee verdict is a fantastic option for any business where subscriptions are part of your revenue, it offers a powerful and user-friendly subscription management platform that can help you grow your business, keep your customers happy and allow you to test out monetization strategies.

With our exclusive offer, you can try it completely free until you reach your first million in revenue. We highly recommend Chargebee to anyone looking for a reliable and scalable solution to manage their subscriptions and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Chargebee promo code valid in 2024?

Yes, this offer is valid and working for 2024 and on-going unless stated otherwise. If this does change in the future then we will inform you on this page but if you see it actively being promoted on this page then it will be working in 2024 and the foreseeable future.

What happens after I reach $1 million in revenue?

When you hit the $1 million in revenue the offer will expire, meaning you'll need to start paying fee's and costs from then onwards.

The amount you will pay will depend on the plan, your business and the revenue you are generating. If you want to find out what these costs may look like, we recommend looking into the pricing plans on the website.