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Capital On Tap

Business credit card for UK based businesses

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Get £75 Free Credit

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Free to join • No credit card required
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Get £75 Free Credit
New customers can get £75 credit for free when they join
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Capital On Tap Promo Code

Capital On Tap Promo Code

If you're looking to get a business credit card in the UK you may like the £75 free credit offer available when using the Capital on Tap promo code 2REFW189F77 during the sign up application.

This is currently one of the best sign up bonuses that is available in 2024 for a business card, the application process takes 2 minutes and in most cases you'll get a decision within 5 minutes.

CapitalOnTap promo code

How to use the Capital on Tap promo code:

It couldn't be easier to use this sign up offer from Capital on Tap, just below the below steps:

  1. Head over to this page
  2. During the sign up process, please make sure the code: is entered into the "Promo code / access code (optional)"box
  3. The above step ensures that you get the £75 credit offer
  4. Complete the application form
  5. Once accepted, your £75 free credit is applied after your first transaction on the card
Where to enter the promo code

Once you have the credit on your account you can choose to either spend this credit via using the business credit card or you can withdraw this to your businesses bank account.

Am I eligible for a Capital On Tap account?

Opening an account and using the promo code is only available to UK businesses (UK registered limited companies or LLP) , you will need a minimum of 12 months of trading history (with min of one filed accounts) and your annual turnover must be over £24,000. You also must be an active director or a majority shareholder with at least 25% ownership, you must not have any County Court Judgements (CCJs) against you or the business in the last 12 months. Please note that if you are a sole traders and traditional (non-LLP) partnerships you are not eligible to apply.

Who can use the Capital On Tap promo code?

Anyone who fits the above criteria for opening a Capital On Tap account can use the promo code as long as you haven't used one before and as long as you're a new customer.

Capital On Tap referral

Capital on tap referral

By visiting the link at the top of this page you should see the above page, it doesn't matter if you don't however just remember to use the Capital On Tap referral code 2REFW189F77 when you join as a way to get a sign up bonus of £75.

The process is easy and with the whole application should only taking a few minutes for you to fill in and submit and a decision is typically made within 5minutes, meaning you can be set up and going within the hour.

The referral bonus will be added to your account after you have completed your first purchase using your new card and you'll see it added as a credit of £75 on your statement.

After this and when you've got your opened account you can use the refer a friend code that you'll be given for yourself to refer other business owners who meet the criteria to apply and open accounts.

You'll then be rewarded £75 for everyone who opens and completes their first transaction as well as that referred person getting their £75 bonus too.

About the Capital On Tap Account

Capital On Tap have been in the business of credit for companies since 2012 and their business credit card is one of their most popular products. They aim to provide businesses with better, faster and more flexible access to capital.

Their business credit card offering is a popular one and some of the reasons for this are:

  • Fast application - around 2 minutes
  • Fast decision - Typically in 5 mins
  • £75 credit when you use our promo code
  • No annual fee (there is an option for an annual fee with more benefits)
  • 1% cashback on purchases
  • Credit limits up to £250,000
  • Free physical card as well as virtual company cards (with ability to add spending controls/limits)
  • Easy to track your spending in real time
  • No FX or domestic ATM fees
  • Sync automatically with your accounting software

They get good reviews on Trustpilot and overall have more than more than 12,000 and a score of 4.7/5, you can see their overall score below but to see and read the latest reviews please see their Trustpilot page.

Reviews of Capital on tap

As with any financial product we always recommend during your own research and fully understand the product or service you're signing up to.

How long does the £75 credit take to appear on my account?

The credit will be applied and appear in your account typically 1-5 business days after you've made your first transaction using your card.

This means you'll need to use your new credit card first in order for the reward to them be added to your statement.

Do I need to be a business to apply?

Yes, you'll need to meet the criteria listed below in order to open a Capital On Tap card.

  • UK businesses - either a UK registered limited companies or LLP
  • Have traded from at least 1 year
  • Have annual turnover of £24,000 or more
  • Be either an active director or majority shareholder with a min of 25% ownership
  • Have no CCJ's against yourself or the company in the last 12 months

What are the best alternates to Capital On Tap credit cards?

There are various other options out there for you, we recommend checking out Tide Business who are a popular choice amongst businesses.

Tide offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions relating to this offer.

Can I get more than one £75 credit?

You can't get more than one Capital on Tap sign up bonus, however once you've got an active account you can use the Capital On Tap refer a friend to recommend your friends who run businesses to join, if they do and they use your own personal promo code you'll get a credit of £75 and so will they.

This is a great way to earn some extra and to also give your friends a sign up bonus when they apply.

Do Capital On Tap do a credit check for my application

When you apply for this credit card Capital On Tap will perform a soft check on you which will leave a trace on your credit history. They don't perform a full credit card but please check on the for full details as this could be subject to change.

I'm a sole trader, can I apply for a Capital on Tap card?

Sadly no, this business card is not open to sole traders. If you are a sole trader you may want to try out Tide, they offer a business account with a debit card, you an use our Tide sign up bonus to open an account and get a £50 bonus for this.

Does this work for both the free and paid accounts?

Yes, you can open either the free account which has no annual fees or the paid account which has a £99 a year fee, either will allow you to get this £75 referral bonus when you sign up as long as you use the promo code.

How does the 1% cashback work?

When you use your card to purchase items you'll get rewarded with 1 point per £1 that you spend. This point equates to 1p (penny) which equates to a 1% cashback.

So for example if you spend £10,000 during the month on your business card, you'll earn 10,000 points and this equates to £100 cashback.

Can I open multiple accounts?

If you own multiple different businesses then you can open multiple accounts with CapitalOnTap.