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Tide Referral Code

Tide Referral Code

For UK businesses looking for a business bank account then Tide is certainly one to consider.

By using our Tide referral code of FOUNDERPASS you will be eligible for £50 cashback when you open a new business bank account with Tide and deposit £50 within 3 months of account opening.

The referral codes that you see on this page have been given to us directly by Tide and we are permitted to share these with you, you can rest assured that you use these and they will be working and valid.

Tide Summary

  • Tide is trusted by over 475,000 members
  • It's free to open and no monthly fees
  • Open an account in as little as 5 minutes all online and via the app
  • Get £50 free cash when signing up using code: FOUNDERPASS (you'll just need to deposit £50 within the first 3 months to be eligible for the £50 cashback)
  • 1 Year of Free UK bank transfers
  • Free business Mastercard (with free use in the UK and abroad)
  • FSCS protected bank account provided by ClearBank
  • Bonus: You can register a new Ltd company for free with Tide here + get your £50 cashback.

About Tide 

Founded in 2015, Tide has quickly become one of the biggest financial platforms in the UK, largely down to the fact it's quick and easy to open a business account, there are no upfront or monthly fees and they offer everything you'd expect from a business banking platform.

With headquarters in London, they have quickly grown to be one of the fastest growing FinTechs in the UK after focusing on their target market of small businesses (SMEs) and sole traders. They've ensured Tide’s features and products are aligned with what really matters to small businesses, saving them time and money. 

Is Tide any good?

Tide has been highly rated across customer reviews as well via independent surveys including hat done by BVA BDRC where it ranks in the top 5 for multiple categories. When we review or look at a company we will always look at a combination of our own experiences, that of fellow customers from reviews as well as independent reviews to help give you an informed opinion.

Of these reviews, may mention things such as the speed of sign up, the account features, pricing and overall user interface.

One of the features that puts Tide above traditional banks is the ability to open a business bank account quickly and easily. You can apply for a business bank account with Tide in minutes, with approval usually within 24-48 hours.In comparison to some of the traditional banks which can take up to a month to open a bank account, Tide is light years ahead. This is one of the many reasons that we bank with them and have done for a number of years, moving our existing banking away from the big highstreet names.

How to open a Tide account

We'll break this down into simple steps so you can see how to open a Tide bank account easily below:

1. Head to the Tide website and download the Tide app

Then follow the steps as described on the website or in the app, make sure to follow this link in order to get the Tide referral code to be eligible for the £50 cashback (or enter code: FOUNDERPASS when you see a code section)

2. Enter your personal details

This will involve details about yourself personally i.e name, date of birth, address etc

3. Add your company details

This will include your company name, if you're a sole trader or limited company etc

4. Scan your ID and you'll need to take a selfie

You'll then be asked to take a scan of your ID, this can be a passport, driving licence etc. Once you've done this you'll next need to take a selfie within the app itself. This technology helps to verify who you are and is a quick and easy process to complete

5. Wait for your approval

The final step is to wait for approval, this is usually confirmed within 24-48 hours, sometimes quicker. Tide may need to do additional checks on your application in line with customary KYC requirements but they will be in touch with you via the app or phone if this is the case.

6. Congratulations

Once accepted you'll have instant access to your new business bank account and are able to view your sort code and account number, send or receive money and access Tide’s wide range of features.

Free Business Banking

Tide offers business banking without a setup fee and without monthly fees, this is fantastic for both startups as well as more established businesses as it will of course reduce the amount you'll be spending on your banking. Tide currently also offers one year of free UK bank transfers in addition to the £50 cashback offer when you use the referral code: FOUNDERPASS. To be eligible for this offer you'll just need to deposit £50 in the first 3 months of account opening.

There are options to upgrade your account to a variety of different plans if you wish, which do involve a monthly fee, but do offer additional benefits.

Can you access Tide via a laptop/desktop/web?

Yes, whilst Tide is primarily a mobile-first platform, you can access Tide via the web and this can be done on your laptop or desktop computer, you simply need to visit the Tide website and select 'Log in to web'. 

Here you'll be prompted to scan a QR card with your phone whilst in the Tide app, this will verify your login and allow access to your Tide platform on desktop.

Opening a Limited Company with Tide

Tide currently has an offer which lets new customers register a new company for free when joining as a Tide customer. This process typically costs £12 with Companies House and you will still be able to get the £50 cashback in addition to this Company Formation offer.

Why we love Tide business

So for a quick recap we'll look over the main reasons that we love Tide for our business banking and why we recommend you consider them for your banking needs.

  • Fast and easy to open an account
  • Free to setup with no monthly fees
  • Options to upgrade your account to get more features
  • £50 cashback when you apply using the code above and deposit £50 within 3 months.

They also have great reviews as well as it being easy to sign up, meaning the whole experience is much better than you may be used to when signing up to other business accounts.

Tide reviews & how it works

Tide Refer a Friend

Once you have opened your Tide business account you'll have the option of referring people and businesses to Tide.

You'll receive a unique code which you can share with people looking for a new business bank account. If they successfully open a Tide account then both yourself and the person you've referred will get a £50 reward upon the new member meeting the eligibility criteria in the relevant Terms and Conditions. These Terms and conditions are different to those involved in the offer with us and they are available to be read within the app, so please read them before referring friends so you can fully understand them to avoid any issues.

Tide Sign Up Bonus

From time to time you may find that there are alternate Tide sign up bonus offers available, if there are other sign up bonuses available we will make sure that we update this page to reflect these, however in general the current offer has been available for some time and is most often the best bonus available.

If you have found a better sign up offer then please do let us know as we are always on the look out for making sure that founders and business owners get the very best deals available.

FAQ's in relation to Tide Promo Codes

Our new Tide referral code is FOUNDERPASS. Using this during the registration process will give you £50 cashback when you open a Tide account and deposit £50 within the first 3 months. This Tide offer is valid for new, UK-based business accounts only.

Is it for new accounts only?

Yes, the Tide referral codes that we list are for new accounts only. If you have an account already, you can't use this promo code on that account.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

If you're a UK based business and opening a new Tide business account then you should be eligible to use this referral code when you sign up.

Can anyone open a Tide business account?

As long as you meet the requirements which is that you run a business as a sole trader or as a limited company, then you should be eligible for an account. There are a full list of requirements on the Tide website.

When do I get the £50 cash?

In general, the £50 credit will be added to your Tide account within 1-2 months of signing up and opening the account as long as you have entered the correct code "FOUNDERPASS" as well as deposited at least £50 within the first 3 months.

Tide business offers

From time to time, Tide run different promotions so if you're looking for a Tide business offer then keep a check of our site as well as the website, we will update this page with any suitable Tide business offers and at the time of writing this the current offer is £50 cashback of which details can be found at the top of this page.

Is this Tide referral code valid?

Yes, we partner directly with Tide so we can be sure that the code is valid, working and that you have the right to use it. We only ever list promo codes that we have negotiated directly to ensure this is the case and are valid for 2024 and beyond.

Who owns Tide bank?

‍Tide is a business financial platform and the leading provider of digital business banking services in the UK. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and offer e-money accounts, provided by PrePay Solutions (PPS), as well as business bank accounts, provided by ClearBank.

Do you get £50 for opening a Tide account?

Yes, if you make sure you use a promo code like FOUNDERPASS when you sign up, you will get the £50 credit when you open and deposit into your account a min of £50 within the first three months.

Make sure you check that you enter this during sign up to ensure that you get this sign up bonus.

Can I have 2 Tide accounts?

Yes, you can open multiple Tide business accounts (up to 4) per business that is registered. You can open more than this if you have different companies i.e you can open up to 4 per unique company registered.

This is great for founders who have multiple different ventures and/or those that want to have multiple business accounts for individual businesses.