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If you're looking for a Revolut sign up bonus or Revolut referral bonus then you've come to the right place, we find you the best bonuses available for both Revolut and Revolut business in the UK, US and other countries.

Below you'll find the current best sign up bonuses:

Below you'll find more detail about the currently sign up offers available, note that this page is kept up to date to ensure you get the best deal possible.


May 31, 2024

By Max

We help both business owners and those looking for a personal Revolut account to find the best Revolut sign up bonus and referral bonus offers available, so when the time comes for you to sign up for a new account you'll be able to do so and enjoy a perk!

Revolut personal account offer

Currently for those looking to open a personal Revolut account (for those just wanting a normal Revolut account) the current best offer is the 3 months Premium account deal that you can have access to. This allows you to experience all of the benefits of the Premium account for 3 months without paying the normal monthly charge for these.

The benefits you'll get during the free Premium trial include:

  • Free Personalized Premium Card
  • In-App chat support
  • 20% discount on international transfer fees
  • £400/month fee-free ATM withdrawals
  • Everyday insurance
  • Discounted airport lounge access

How to redeem the Revolut sign up bonus

The ways to redeem a Revolut sign up bonus in 2024 are currently below, this may from time to time based on the exact offer that is up for grabs.

Currently, you can take advantage of the 3 months of Revolut Premium sign up offer that is available for new personal accounts, to redeem these follow the below steps:

  1. Sign up via the unique link here: 3 Months of Revolut Premium for free
  2. Enter your phone number into the box on the page and click 'Get Started'
  3. Create your account by following the instructions
  4. Upgrade your account to 'Premium' and you'll get your 3 months of the Premium account for free.

Note: After the free trial is up, you'll be charged a monthly fee, make sure you downgrade before the end of the trial if you don't wish to be charged.

Who is eligible for this sign up bonus?

Most of the sign up bonuses are valid for new Revolut customers only, there will be terms and conditions that are applicable to each deal so we recommend checking these on the website itself before you sign up to ensure you're clear on if you're eligible for the specific offer.

Generally most of the offers you see will be valid for US and UK customers as well as those in other countries that Revolut offer accounts with including: Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain etc.

Revolut Business Sign Up Bonus

For those users who want to open a business account, you'll be pleased to find that we have a Revolut business sign up bonus which gives you 1 month free of Revolut business premium which gives you a range of benefits including:

How to get this offer:

  1. Sign up using the following link: 1 Month of all paid Revolut Business plans
  2. Complete the 'Know Your Business' checks and onboard onto your Revolut Business account
  3. Top up your account before the promotion period ends
  4. After these steps have completed you'll get one month free of all paid plans

You can cancel this free trial during the trial period, please check the Revolut website for full details.

Make sure to read our full Revolut business account review to find out all about their offering for businesses.

Revolut referral bonus

Revolut referral bonus

We make sure that we keep this page updated so that you can find a valid and working Revolut referral bonus in 2024, As with many different companies Revolut often offer a referral bonus so that people can invite friends and people they know to join Revolut. These often include incentives such as a referral kick back for the person who is referring a customer as well as the person signing up for the account.

We list any such Revolut referral bonus offers that are available so you can sign up using one, these do often change from time to time. We try and keep the page as up to date as possible but if you do find that a bonus has changed please do contact us to let us know.

Revolut refer a friend

The Revolut referral program often called the Revolut refer a friend is one such marketing campaign that this company offer to attract new customers to the platform. This type of marketing is often used especially in fintech companies in particular the banking sector, this is because 'word of mouth' or 'referral' marketing is often the most successful and highest converting ways of getting new customers.

In the past companies like Revolut have offered a refer a friend bonus of £50 up to £200 for opening accounts, this is similar in the US as well but instead of pounds sterling it USD offers such as $50 or $100.

This works by letting you refer your friends or family to join and create a Revolut account, in doing so they reward both you and your friend/family member often in a monetary method i.e some form of money/credit. Sometimes it may be a benefit such as a free upgrade to a premium account, a free metal card for example or on occasions companies will use this method as a way of you getting access to features before other people.

If you're already a Revolut account holder and are looking for the Revolut refer a friend plan to invite friends then you can find it by following these steps:

  1. Login to your account on the app
  2. Click on your photo/initials on the top left of your home screen
  3. Click on the 'Invite Friends' text
  4. Here you'll find your unique referral link, share this with your friends and family
  5. You may see that you quality for the reward-based referral campaign, if so you'll see the terms and conditions for referring people as well as the rewards.

Note: Not everyone will be eligible for the reward-based referral campaign that Revolut have, if you don't see this in your account you sadly won't be eligible at this time, but this can change in the future.

Revolut free money

For those looking for Revolut free money offers when they sign up, then you'll likely find less of these available at the time of writing this, Revolut and other similar companies have moved towards offering more free trials of plans rather than specific free cash offers, there are still companies who offer these such as the Tide referral code which gives you £50 for business users who sign up.

Be sure to check back though as we keep this page up to date so if offers do change and we can offer some form of free money bonus then you'll find it as soon as we come across it.

Who is Revolut

Having been established in 2015, Revolut have become a one of the most well known names in modern finance, especially appealing to millennials and digital nomads. This fintech company has changed the banking landscape by providing a mobile-centric approach to managing people's finances.

Revolut was designed so that setting up an account was effortless, granting users access to a range of financial tools. The platform offers a global debit card, giving you seamless transactions worldwide without hefty international transfer fees that more traditional banks use. Additionally, Revolut simplifies currency exchange, providing competitive rates for users dealing with multiple currencies. As you'd expect security remains a top priority and thus Revolut uses features such as biometric authentication and instant card freezing, ensuring the safety of users' funds and personal data.

In essence, Revolut has become one of the most popular options for people when it comes to opening a personal account, offering a comprehensive suite of services through a user-friendly mobile interface, transforming the financial experience for the digital age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Revolut give a welcome bonus?

Yes, they do, currently they offer a 3 month premium offer, giving you access to all the benefits of this plan but without the monthly fee. This is the best offer at the moment for those looking for a welcome bonus.

Which Revolut referral bonus offers work?

As you may expect, when companies like Revolut offer a referral bonus they often are very popular and so sometimes have an expiry to them or are withdrawn after a certain period of time. We make sure we only list referral bonuses that are valid and working so you can be sure you're getting the offer that we write about.

You may find some sites will list referral bonus offers of up to £200/$200 which often are out of date and simply don't work anymore.

Are there alternatives to this offer from other companies?

We do have other offers available like this from other companies, our Tide referral code is a popular option for UK businesses which gives you a £50 sign up bonus.

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