SaneBox review

SaneBox review

Using AI powered tech to filter emails and make your email life more productive and efficient

Quick Summary:

If you're anything like us, email is and always will be an important part of your day-to-day activities. With that being said, making sure you manage your email and not miss any important messages whilst at the same time not spending too much time in your inbox is becoming an increasingly hard task.

  • SaneBox uses AI to sort your emails into folders
  • Make sure important emails are never missed & at the top of your inbox
  • Sorts newsletters, receipts, CC'd emails and more into sub folders to stop them distracting you
  • It learns as you use it to sort and manage more efficiently
  • The average SaneBox user saves 2 hours per week of time dealing with emails

You can try it for free for 14 days and get $25 of credit for free via the offer above.


December 30, 2023

By Max

Email was and still is the most effective way for many people to communicate whether this is with internal team members or external people and companies however it's likely that your email has become clogged up with unimportant emails, receipts, newsletters, CC'd emails, and more. So it's never been more important to make sure you are as efficient as possible whilst not missing important emails and this is where SaneBox comes in.

SaneBox uses AI-driven tech to help manage your emails, learning as you use it which emails are important, which to move to folders to check later, which distract you, and much more.

The average SaneBox user saves over 2 hours per week on their emails so it's certainly something to consider for your email whether you're a business or personal user but you can make your own mind up once you've read our SaneBox review.

What is SaneBox?

Think of Sanebox as an email management software that helps manage incoming messages and sort them into SaneBox folders, helping you to prioritize important emails, sort unimportant emails to a folder to deal with later, and to make sure unwanted emails are dealt with now and in the future.

SaneBox is not an email provider or an email client, it simply sits within your current email provider and adds additional functionality. This great tool works with most emails whether you have Gmail, Outlook or use other inboxes, it doesn't require installing any software and is super quick to use.

Once you've signed up and got started your inbox will look the same except you'll have some new folders (in addition to any existing you have) that will allow you far greater flexibility and features.

SaneBox does this via clever AI technology which organizes and filters your inbox into folders, keeping important emails in your main inbox and moving things like newsletters, emails which your CC'd into etc into different folders so you can deal with them at a later date.

The great thing is SaneBox learns with you, seeing which emails you deal with quickly, which you revert to later and so on, you can also move the emails into specific folders and it'll then know to do this to these in again the future.

SaneBox features

The ability to sort into folders is one of the key features of SaneBox, here are some of the most popular folders that SaneBox users use:

  • 🕒 SaneLater - this is the most popular feature which moves all unimportant emails into a separate folder
  • 🕳 SaneBlackHole - Pop an unwelcome email into this folder it will banish the sender and you'll never hear from them again
  • 🔔 SaneReminders - This alerts you to send a follow-up email when you've not had a reply for 5 days.
  • ⏰ Snooze Folders - These type of folders let you hit snooze on an email and it will reappear in your inbox after the set time i.e 1 day, 1 week etc

These main features are the key ones that help you see important emails, follow up and see other emails at a later date, there are various other features that you can implement such as:

  • 🌙 DoNotDisturb - this simple but effective button allows you to essentially turn off your emails so you can concentrate on work or go on holiday and then get the emails at a later date
  • 📥 Email Deep Clean - this lets you quickly clean up  unnecessary emails in bulk
  • 📎 SaneAttachments - this feature lets you connect your emails to your cloud storage so any email with an attachment can be safely backed up
  • 📄 SaneDigest - this feature gives you a daily digest of how SaneBox has performed which can help you train it better
features of Sanebox

All of the above features are designed to save time, reduce unwanted emails, help you manage incoming messages and essentially be a fantastic addition to your email management software.

Why we love SaneBox

The two main reasons that we love SaneBox is that it saves us time and helps us focus on other tasks within our business that require our attention.

The simplicity of SaneBox is another thing we love but a less obvious benefit is that it decreases the risk of missing important emails in a mass of unimportant ones.

We find that having folders set up for newsletters that we still want to read but we don't want to see these together with important client and business emails is a great factor, not only this but it also means that we still go back to the newsletters when we actually have time and want to read them properly.

Examples of how SaneBox works

When I first discovered SaneBox I decided to try out the free trial, signing up took a matter of minutes and I connected my Gmail account, from there I had access to all of the folders and features.

I then started organizing incoming messages into folders if they were to be dealt with at a later date if they were newsletters, invoices/receipts, and so on. After a few days my inbox was noticeably lighter in terms of email numbers and those in my main inbox were the important ones that I needed to act on.

I then had all my invoices and receipts in one place allowing me to easily get to one if my accountant or myself needed it and the same with emails that didn't need acting on straight away.

The biggest benefit I took away personally was the effect it had on me in terms of my productivity, whenever I checked my inbox I wasn't tempted to open a newsletter, read an email that wasn't important and so on as they weren't directly in my main inbox. This led me to go back to my task at hand instead of being distracted.

Setting up SaneBox

Set up is quick and easy, taking less than 5 minutes in most cases and you're good to go. There's nothing that needs installing which is also a great benefit.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Sign up to SaneBox with your email and then connect SaneBox to the email
  2. SaneBox then will automatically go through your email and sort it into appropriate folders
  3. This can take minutes but it can take longer if you've got a lot of emails! Don't worry you can see and change where it has put emails to make sure it's done it all correctly and it'll also remember this for future emails.
  4. You'll see additional folders you can use from SaneBlackhole where emails are deleted and you never hear from them again to SaneLater where you'll get the email back at the top of your inbox at a later date/time.
  5. Additionally, you can also create your own folders for example you could set up SanePersonal for emails that are personal ones, SaneProjectX for those that relate to a specific project, in this case Project X.
Sanebox dashboard

Which email clients does SaneBox work on?

SaneBox works across any email client, whether you use outlook, Gmail or anything else you'll be able to use it to manage your emails in a more efficient and better way.

SaneBox Pricing

Sanebox pricing

For those looking at SaneBox pricing, it's an affordable option especially when you realize how much time it can save you.

Firstly, you can try SaneBox out for free for 14 days, as well as get a $25 credit when you join via FounderPass here, after there are various packages you can select as seen below.

Packages vary based on your needs including the number of email accounts and core SaneBox features, these include:

  • “Snack” package which gives you 1 email account and 2 features for $7 a month or $59 a year
  • "Lunch" package gives you 2 email accounts and 6 features for $12 a month or $99 a year
  • “Dinner” package gives you 4 email accounts and all of the features for $36 a month or $299 a year

Don't forget to use the offer at the top of the page to get your extra $25 credits for free.

Who is SaneBox aimed at?

SaneBox can be used by anyone but typically those who want to be more productive get the best use out of the product.
This tends to lead itself to business owners, entrepreneurs and employees who want to have a more productive work experience when it comes to email.

Reaching Inbox Zero

Some will argue that the term 'Inbox Zero' which refers to making sure your email is all answered and you have nothing unread is just a fad but those that do it find that life can be more efficient when you aim to get to this.

SaneBox free trial

We love a company that offer you the ability to try a product before spending money and with the SaneBox free trial you'll be able to do so for 14 days, plus if you use our link you'll be able to get $25 of free credit if you carry on with a paid plan.

SaneBox discounts and promo codes

If you're wanting to sign up and use a SaneBox discount or SaneBox promo code then you're in luck as we've partnered directly with Sanebox to offer you not only the 14 day trial but $25 of credit when you sign up via us.

Our thoughts

There are quite a few products and services out there that claim to do great things for your productivity but for us SaneBox is one that actually does make us far more productive and efficient which can only be a positive.

You'll likely find that you don't use some features and you'll use others all the time, so it's simply a case of working out which ones are most useful for you and then you can start using them. The AI behind SaneBox will then start to learn as you sort emails into folders and will start doing this for you.

One part of this SaneBox review looked at the price and if you're asking yourself is SaneBox worth it? Then we'd say simply work out if it could save you 2 hours per week as it does for most people would this be worth the cost. In most people's cases, your time will be a lot more valuable than the cost making it worth it.

Don't forget to use our SaneBox offer to get a 14-day free trial as well as $25 of credit.

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