MarketHire Review

MarketHire Review

We give you an honest review of MarketerHire to see if it is the right option for your businesses marketing needs and projects.

Quick Summary:

We've been impressed with what MarketerHire offers for businesses who have marketing needs and want top talent to help. They are essentially a match making service with a vast pool of the top 5% of marketers who have experience from some of the biggest companies and startups in the world. The whole process is smooth and effective, as long as you've got a budget of over $1,500 a month and are in need of marketing they are certainly something to try.

  • For serious businesses wanting a top level marketing expert
  • They match you with a suitable freelancer saving you time
  • They work with companies such as Netflix, Unilever and many more
  • You can save $500 when you first join via our offer


July 19, 2023

By Max

So you’re considering using Marketerhire but want to know if it’s worth it? We give your our honest opinion on them and how effective they can be for hiring marketing talent to help your business grow.

MarketerHire at a glance

Marketerhire is a marketplace allowing you to quickly and easily find vetted freelance marketers that you can hire for your company. 

The idea is simple, you want or need a marketing expert but don’t want the hassle of the long search and hiring process, Marketerhire provides this marketplace for your business to connect with freelance marketers. Never has this been more popular than in today’s age of remote working.

The marketing talent available on the platform includes those that have worked with FTSE and Fortune 500 companies, funded startups and for well-established businesses, giving you a wealth of options when it comes to picking a marketer that will fit in with your business and it’s marketing goals and objectives.

They have worked with over 5,000 different businesses and made over 25,000 matches with the average time from request to hire of being just 48 hours.

Pros - things we love about MarketerHire

  • Some of the top marketing talent with experience from the best companies around
  • Impressive vetting procedure (only the top 5% get on the platform)
  • No upfront fees
  • No long contracts
  • Long list of impressive customers/businesses who use them
  • They match you with a talented freelancer, saving you lots of time
  • Matching takes just 48 hours
  • On-going check in to ensure you’re happy plus the option to re-match you if you’re unhappy. 

Cons - the not so good

  • You can browse the marketplace and choose yourself (the matching process is what MarketerHire specializes in and are fantastic at)
  • Min commitment of $1,500 a month means its not for everyone
  • Not designed for small businesses with smaller budgets/projects

Who are MarketerHire

Set up in 2018 with a mission to connect the best marketers with exciting companies, MarketerHire wanted to speed up the time and reduce the stress of hiring freelancers in the marketing sector. Darren Litt, Stephanie Schultz, Chad KellerRaaja Nemani and Chris Toy were the brains behind this concept and they’ve seen exciting growth. 

Marketing expert page

How MarketerHire works?

Rather than simply being a marketplace that any freelancer can sign up to, Marketerhire vets each freelancer who applies to join, checking both their existing work, and their experience and getting references from their previous work/employees. Alongside this, the majority will also complete skill-based tests.

If the freelancer passes the above assessments, then MarketerHire conducts a video interview to ensure that their communication skills are good, that their knowledge is as they say and that they have a decent level of critical thinking. We all know that these factors no matter how talented someone is can affect the ability for you as a business to work together with them. 

These checks are key as to why MarketerHire works, stands out for their competition, and are a great option for businesses as this vetting process means it reduces the risk for you as a company hiring marketing talent.

On another note, not only do marketing talent naturally get attracted to MarketerHire but they also actively seek the best marketing talent by reaching out directly to marketing experts and getting them on board their platform. 

As a business, if you’re wanting to hire the best freelance marketers via Marketerhire then you’ll need to visit their website and fill in a short form, this will include information about your business, it’s size, market etc as well as the project that you have in mind that you need to marketing talent fo including any skills that you may require them to have for it. This form takes approximately 5 minutes to fill in. 

Now where this differs from other marketplaces is that MarketerHire themselves will then within 48 hours identify the best individual/s that will fit your needs, they’ll then do an introduction and aid in the onboarding process.

This is one of the most compelling features that attract businesses as it takes all of the time, hassle and stress out of the process, rather than you having to search hundreds of freelancers, look at their profile, assess their skills, reach out and discuss and then agree to work together, they simply do all of this for you and as they know their talent pool they will be more effective and find the best fit. 

Once you’ve onboarded your marketing expert, MarketerHire checks in with you every couple of weeks to make sure that you’re happy with the quality of service, to sort any issues you may have and to ultimately ensure you’re happy.

Below you'll find a step by step of the vetting process that candidates go through on the platform.

The vetting process

The types of marketers you can hire

You can hire marketers for any kind of project, role or reason for your business via Marketerhire but often the most popular reason and positions include:

  • Paid search marketing experts
  • SEO experts
  • Email marketing experts
  • Branding experts
  • Chief Marketing Officer roles (CMO)
  • Marketing intern positions
  • Social media experts
  • Marketing growth gurus

Why we love MarketerHire

One of the major reasons we love MarketerHire and many others do too is in the vetting process, by them having talent which they assess and ensure is the best and by them matching you with said talent it means you not only minimize the time it takes but also maximize the chances of the marketing expert not only delivering but also fitting in with your business and its goals. 

As busy business owners and employees, we all know that time is extremely important and you’ll find that once you use Marketerhire once you’ll not want to use other methods for hiring talent in the future.

MarketerHire pricing and costs?

Finding the right talent quickly does of course have a cost attached to it, so if you’re looking for the cheapest talent or the cheapest way to find the best talent then they won’t be right for you.

No upfront recruiting costs are required for working with MarketerHire, you can sign up as a business, add your project requirements and they’ll match you with one of their talents and have an introduction call all for free.

In terms of the MarketerHire pricing you’ll find that they will typically fit into one of the below:

  • An hourly rate of around $80-160 per hour
  • Part time rates of around $1200-2400 per week
  • Full time rates of around $2,400 to $5,000 per week

These prices are set based on various factors including the freelancers location, skills and experience as well the requirements of the project. From these prices, you’ll understand that the marketing talent you will be getting won’t be the type you find on other freelance platforms which is often cheap and ineffective.

MarketerHire have a minimum commitment amount of $1,500 per month, which means you’ll need to commit to paying at least this, this is in place so that the quality of projects is high enough to match the expertise of the freelancers they have on their platform.

In terms of contracts, there are no long-term commitments, there are also no termination fees nor any placement fees.

Things we don’t like about MarketerHire

As with any hiring service, there is a limit to how well they can understand your business and they’ll never have the full understanding that you do, therefore if the role or help you’re looking for is critical to your business's success or even survival then it may be better to do the search yourself. 

This of course takes a lot more time and resources and so if you have these then you may want to search for the marketing talent yourself or get one of our team to, however, if you don’t have this time then using a service like MarketerHire is the next best thing.

Who is MarketerHire suited to?

Marketerhire is most suited to businesses that are fast growing, startups with some funding, companies that are wanting top marketers but without hiring them internally and any businesses that want to hire the best marketing freelancers but without the hassle.

They don’t target any specific sector but naturally they find that online businesses come to their platform and these include ecommerce brands, SaaS companies and more.

The business itself has raised around $3 million and this has helped them to grow, and attract more talent internally which then has helped them attract some of the best marketing experts around. 

Existing Marketerhire clients

Over 1,000 businesses use Marketerhire and these include well known names such as:

  • Netflix
  • Lyft
  • Forbes
  • Unilever
  • Puma
  • Ebay
  • HelloFresh
  • Buzzfeed & many more

What do other reviews say

MarketerHire gets a 4.5 rating on TrustPilot from over 200 customers, with many praising how it's a fantastic option for getting quality people in a fast turnaround. Many of whom have mentioned that they've previously found the search for good marketing professionals to be a long and hard task with the results often being below par however when using MarketerHire they've found that they have had great marketers who have been given to them quickly and have produced great results.

Of course, the results of others don't necessarily mean the results you'll get but they do give you a good indication, match this with the existing customers that they have which include large well known companies means we believe they're a good option when it comes to businesses looking to hire top quality marketing experts.

MarketerHire alternatives

If the $1,500 soft commitment a month scares you, or you think “I’ve not got that budget” then you may be best looking at some of the more traditional marketplaces for finding marketers, this will be the likes of Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer, but please bear in mind this process is a far more manual one, where you’ll need to devote a chunk of time to ensure you find the right person for the project. 

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