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HotJar Discount

HotJar Discount

Understanding your audience and website visitors is a key way in which you can grow your sales, improve their experience, increase conversions and more, what’s more is that we’ve managed to negotiate you a Hotjar discount giving you access to the free plan.

This Hotjar promo code is available for new customers to use and saves you around €300.

  • Enjoy the basic plan free forever
  • Available for any customers

Hotjar help you to understand the behaviour of your websites users, you can use the tools they provide including their heatmaps and screen recordings as well as feedback and survey tools to help improve your user experiences. These ultimately can help to increase your conversions, reduce bounce rate and more.

We love heatmaps, if you've never used one then it's certainly something you need to explore. Put simply it shows you an interactive picture of where people are clicking on your website, whether that's on a button, to the side of it, on the menu, on a photo etc. This means you can ensure people are clicking on the right parts and there focus is going to the right areas.

Remember to make sure you take advantage of the offer of 90 days free on the business plan if you do plan on signing up and trying out Hotjar.

Hotjar promo codes

We always feature the best Hotjar promo codes available for our members, as with the other deals that we offer we make sure that any Hot jar promo code that we feature is working and active.

If you’re an existing customer or new customer then you will find some of the promos will be applicable to you and some may not, so be sure to check the eligibility of each deal you see.

Hotjar features

We're big fans of Hotjar because it lets you get a real understanding of your website visitors, audience and customers. You may think that you already have a good idea as you've asked them, but people often won't tell you the truth directly and this is where the tools that Hotjar offer really come into their own.

All of the tools and products that they offer centre around understanding your audience and visitors, so that you can improve your business and get better. Some of their core products include:


Hotjar heatmaps

These allow you to visualize your user interactions through heatmaps, revealing the paths they take, the elements and parts of your website that they engage with, and their scrolling behavior. This helps to uncover insights that can help you improve the user experience, reducing pain points and boost conversion rates.

In short this tool allows you to:

  • Identify any issues that you can quickly fix
  • Understand your users behaviour
  • Discover what frustrates your visitors and sort it
  • Analyze your visitor behavior

Screen Recordings

Hotjar screen recordings

Imagine being behind your visitors seeing them visit your website and see the whole journey they take, whether this is one that takes them all the way to a paying customer or one that see's them bounce off your website. With screen recordings you can do exactly this and see a video of the users journey on your website, follow their mouse, see what they click on and much more.

This is a very powerful tool and one all business owners should consider using especially considering you can do the following:

  • Discover issues on the website
  • Fix any bugs that they may come across
  • See what converts your customers and what doesn't
  • See how they behave on different pages

Surveys and Feedback

A variety of other tools they offer include feedback and surveys, these means you can get direct feedback from your users by asking them questions, getting feedback via email and much more.

Surveys and feedback

Frequently Asked Questions about Hotjar

Do Hotjar offer a Black Friday deal?

In the past Hotjar have had Black Friday offers and deals, so if it’s coming up to that time of the year when it’s Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday, it could be worth holding back and waiting to see what offer they put on this year.

Can anyone use Hotjar promo codes?

This really depends on the Hotjar promo code itself, in many cases these promo codes will be valid for new customers only, this is because companies such as Hotjar use promos to try and get people to try out their software. 

This marketing method is popular and so many of the coupons you’ll find will be aimed at new rather than existing customers.

Are the Hotjar coupons valid and working?

We make sure that all of the Hotjar coupon codes you find on our website are valid, active and working, this is because we directly negotiate each coupon that we put on our website. That means they are agreed directly with people at Hotjar and therefore we have permission to let our members (you) use these.

How do I redeem Hotjar discount codes?

When it comes to redeeming your Hotjar discount code, its really simple. Just visit the website and during your sign up you’ll find a ‘promo code’ box, this is sometimes called a voucher code or coupon code. Copy and paste the code you’ll find at the top of this page into the box and apply.

The discount will then be applied to your plan/purchase price.

Does Hotjar offer a free trial?

They currently don’t but they do offer a free plan so you can try it out before committing to a monthly or annual payment. This allows you a certain amount of daily sessions each day.

What if the Hotjar discount doesn’t work?

On the rare occasion that one of our promo codes doesn’t work, then please do get in touch with us so we can investigate. Most of the time when one doesn’t work it is down to the restrictions on the promo itself, so please double check that you meet all of the eligibility criteria i.e new customers only. If you feel you do but it doesn’t work still then please drop us a message. 

How often do new Hotjar promo codes get added?

We reach out regularly to Hotjar to make sure that we’ve got the best Hotjar coupons and offers available for our users. As we grow we often get better discounts as we have more members, so keep checking back to see if you’re holding out for a bigger discount than we currently offer.

Does Hotjar have a free plan?

Currently there is a free plan available for Hotjar, the basic plan is available for users who want to try out the Hotjar software and tools and see if it fits in with your business/website needs.