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HoneyBook Promo Code

HoneyBook Promo Code

Honeybook is an all-in-one clientflow platform designed to streamline client management for businesses across various industries, including the creative sector, B2B, freelancing, and any business that could find this useful.

We've teamed up directly with them to offer you an exclusive Honeybook promo code saving you 55% off your first year on any plan of your choice, this can save you over $400 if you're choosing the 'Premium' plan.

Using the discount code provided at the top of this page you can enjoy the following:

  • 55% off any plan for 1 year
  • Promo code works on either annual or monthly plans
  • Valid for new customers only
  • Valid once per customer

Let's see how much this could save you based on the normal prices of the plans available on the Honeybook.com website.

Starter Plan with 55% discount

The normal pricing for the 'Starter' plan is $19 per month if paid monthly and $192 if paid annually (which equates to $16/month) however with our promo code you'll be able to get the 'Starter' plan for just $8.55 per month or around $86 if paid annually.

This means with our discount you'll be saving over $100 if you opt for this plan on an annual basis.

Essentials Plan with 55% discount

This plan is aimed at those who need a little more than the basic package, it allows for you to have up to 2 team members access your account and has additional features which in our opinion are quite key. These include the automation and scheduling features which can drastically change the way your business works and make you much more efficient.

The pricing for these plans normally are $39 per month or $384 per year if paid annually (which equals $32/month), however if you use the Honeybook coupon code that we provide you'll be able to get 55% off these plans.

With this saving you'll be able to get the 'Essential' plan on a monthly basis for $17.55 or if paid annually it will be just around $172 meaning you'll be saving on the later over $200 on this plan.

Premium Plan with 55% discount

Finally we get to the most advanced plan giving you the most features and the core feature of unlimited team members, this means you can get anyone in your business access to the platform to work on the automations, invoicing, scheduling and anything else you need.

This plans regular price is $79 a month or $792 per year if paid annually (which equates to $66/month) however if you take advantage of our Honeybook promo code giving you 55% off then you'll find the you'll save a lot.

With our exclusive deal you'll get the 'Premium' plan for just $35.55 per month or if you pay annually instead of $792 a year you'll be paying just $356 which means you'll save around $436 on your first year.

How to use this HoneyBook promo code

If you're looking to use the promo code then you can follow the below steps to easily redeem the code and enjoy the 55% discount.

  1. Visit HoneyBook.com here
  2. Make a note of the promo code at the top of the page
  3. Click the 'Start free trial' button on the HoneyBook website
  4. Fill in the details that it asks for (i.e business name, email etc)
  5. Once complete you'll be in the dashboard like below, click in the top right corner on 'See pricing' in the menu
Next step
  1. Then select the plan you wish to go for and whether you want it on a monthly or annual basis
Select your plan
  1. Finally you'll get this box pop up, here you'll be able to add the promo code into the box, if there is already one there, you can click the cross and add ours for the maximum 55% discount.
Honeybook discount
  1. The last step is to click 'Pay' to complete the purchase and enjoy your saving.

Who can use this HoneyBook promo code?

As with any coupon code you come across online you'll need to make sure you are eligible to use the code, if not you may find that it will appear as though it's not working.

This particular discount that we have directly agreed with HoneyBook themselves is suitable for new customers only, this means that you don't already have a Honeybook.com account. If you haven't got an account then you can use this discount when you sign up, just make sure that you make a note of the promo code and use our 'Get the deal' button to ensure you go to the right place on the website.

Which plans can I use this discount on?

The great thing about this Honeybook promo code is that it can be used on any of the plans they offer. Often codes are restricted to certain plans but with this you can use it on any of the three plans (Starter, Essentials or Premium) and you can use it on either monthly or annual basis.

If you opt to use it for an annual plan it will simply take 55% off your yearly cost for the first year, if you opt for monthly it will take off 55% off each monthly payment for the first 12 months.

Are these valid and working promo codes?

We make sure that every discount or promo code that we ever list are working and valid. We do this by only ever getting these directly from the company themselves (in this case HoneyBook), this ensures that we have the right to pass them to our members as well as ensuring that they work and give you the discount they say.

If in the unlikely scenario that the Honeybook discount code does not work then please do get in touch with us either via live chat or via our contact page and we will update it.

About HoneyBook

HoneyBook is a clientflow management software that aims to simplify tasks such as creating and sending invoices, scheduling meetings, managing projects, and accepting online payments.

They are trusted by over 100,000 independent businesses and aim to make clientworkflows effortless and efficient and it's features include:

  • Create and send invoices
  • Get paid easier
  • Create and manage contracts
  • Project management
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Online payment acceptance
  • Inquiry tracking
  • and much more

Pros of HoneyBook

This software is great at what it does, so it can be a game changer if it fits your needs, below are some of the core pros of it:

  • It can you hours and hours each week of menial tasks such as invoice creation, arrangement of meetings, creation of contracts and more
  • It's easy to use
  • Pricing is good and fair
  • Perfect for creators, small businesses and those who have client workflows
  • Trusted by over 100,000 other businesses

Cons of HoneyBook

This software may not be for everyone, some of the downsides of it include:

  • Limit of number of people who can access it on the lower plans
  • May not be great for large organizations

Don't forget to check out the full HoneyBook website to make sure that it has all the feature you expect and require from the software before signing up, once you're happy to you can sign up using our code to enjoy your 55% discount.