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Copy AI promo code

Copy AI promo code

If you’re on the hunt for working Copy AI promo code then look no further, we’ve teamed up directly with to give you an exclusive Copy AI coupon code which enables you to get 30% off. 

You’ll find a guide below on how you can use this promo code as well as alternatives if you’re looking for a similar AI writing tool. 

What is Copy AI?

With 2023 being the year that AI burst properly onto the scene, it’s no surprise the demand for tools related to this have been higher than ever. Copy AI is one such tool that has become extremely popular amongst marketers across the world. It’s a GPT-3 based content writer, that uses AI to help you create content and copy. 

Over half a million founders and marketers use the tool to create copy for everything from their website, email newsletters, ads, emails, social media posts and much more.

The tool help you do all of these faster and makes the content often read better, you can use the tool to write in any style you wish and with over 20+ languages supported you’ll be able to cover all of the core markets your needs are in.  

Copy AI Promo Code 2023

As you’d expect, promo codes and coupons change from time to time, some that were valid last year may not be valid in 2023, thats why we make sure all of the coupon codes we have on our site are valid and working and our Copy AI promo code for 2023 is no different. 

Our promo code will give you 30% off for 12 months, this can save you over $100 and if we look at the main Pro plan you’ll see that even if you use it on a monthly basis rather than annual plan you’ll still save a significant amount. 

  • Monthly Pro Plan - Normally $49/month but with our code it’s just $34.30 saving you nearly $15 per month.
  • Annual Pro Plan - Normally is $36/month but with our code it’s just $25.20 per month, saving you just under $130 for the year. 

How to use the Copy AI promo codes?

It really couldn’t be easier to use the Copy AI coupon code that gives you the 30% discount. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the website via our unique link
  2. Create a free account
  3. Click the ‘Upgrade to Pro’ button at the bottom left
Copy AI coupon
  1. Then choose either monthly or yearly plan
  2. On the checkout enter the promo code ‘FOUNDERPASS’ in the promo code box
  3. You’ll see the 30% off discount has been applied. 

Note: If Copy AI have any offers currently running which are a bigger discount than the 30% you may see that this is auto added to your checkout, you can then simply just continue with the better discount. 

Copy AI pricing

So how does the pricing of stack up in comparison to it’s competitors and overall as a way for you to use AI to write content.

Currently, Copy other three main plans, these are the Free, Pro and Enterprise plans. 

Copy ai pricing

Free plan - $0 - this is great for individuals who are looking to use the basics, you’ll find there is a limit of 2,000 words on this plan, so it can be used to essentially try the tool out.

Pro plan - $49/$36month (or as low as $25 with our promo code) - this is the most popular plan and will suit most marketers and business owners. It gives you unlimited words, as well as up to 5 users who can use the account and other benefits including:

  • Unlimited brand voices
  • Unlimited words
  • Up to 5 users
  • Pre-built prompts
  • Infobase
  • 95+ languages
  • API Access

Enterprise plan - this is for large organizations who, this gives you unlimited seats, SSO and Info Sec review, Dedicated account manage and much more. If you’re a big company and in need of an AI writing tool for your team to use then this might be the right thing for you to use. Free Trial

Of course, like many other tools especially in the artificial intelligence sector, you’ll find you’ll be able to use a Copy AI free trial which essentially gives you a chance to try the software out and see if it’s right for you. 

The current free trial is essentially just the ‘Free’ plan, which is free forever but does limit you to 2,000 words, this is a great way for you to test out the software and worth doing. 

Do you need a credit card to use Copy AI’s free trial?

You don’t need a credit card to use the Copy AI free plan which is essentially the same as a free trial, except you’ll get the benefit of it being free forever. 

What can you do with Copy AI?

Anything you need to write is covered with this tool, however it’s most typical use case and the way that it’s setup means it’s fantastic at some core types of writing, these include the following:

Long form articles

Help aid the writing of longer articles and overcome writer's block by using the tool to produce SEO-friendly articles, blog posts and other longer format pieces of copy. Once completed you can then either use them straight away or edit them to make sure they fit with your needs.

The tool can help produce everything from the blog/article content itself, titles, introductions, bullet points, descriptions and much more. 

Social media copy

In the realm of numerous social media platforms and the need for consistent posting, leverage to effortlessly generate social media content. This content not only boosts brand awareness but also turns viewers into loyal customers for your products or services. Plus, it extends beyond organic posts, aiding in crafting compelling copy, attention-grabbing titles, and conversion-optimized descriptions for your social media ads.


Running an ecommerce business involves harnessing AI to create compelling category content and product descriptions that not only read well but also effectively convert users into customers.

Website content

This AI tool isn't confined to specific web content like product descriptions or blog posts. You can seamlessly integrate it across your website, from crafting engaging introductions to enhancing about pages, optimizing contact forms, and any other instance where impactful writing is needed.

Pros of Copy AI

As with any piece of software or tool there are always pros and cons, the pros of using CopyAI include:

  • Theres a free forever plan, essentially acting like a free trial
  • An array of templates and guides
  • Supports over 20+ languages
  • Great for ecommerce, SEO, Social Media, Sales, Marketing and much more
  • Used by tens of thousands of people
  • Competitively priced
  • SOC II compliant

Cons of Copy AI

The software is a great option but there are some downsides to it, these include:

  • There are cheaper options out there as well as free options
  • Free plan is limited to 2,000 words

Copy AI Promo Code conclusion

If you're in search of a promo code or Copy AI coupon, you're in luck. The article above provides insights into Copy AI software, including details on available coupon codes and discounts.

Rest assured, our direct partnership and negotiation with guarantee that these coupons are not only valid but also available for your use without any hassle or concerns about permissions.

Frequently asked questions about Copy AI

Are the Copy AI promo codes working and valid?

Absolutely, we take pride in offering valid and functional promo codes. Our direct partnership with the company ensures not only their effectiveness but also that we have the proper permissions to share them with you. Unlike other websites that resort to scraping the web for coupons, we maintain our integrity by never engaging in such practices.

Whats the Copy AI free trial length?

As mentioned above, there is no free trial as such, but instead there is a free plan which is forever. This does the same but does’nt restrict you to a length of time, instead it restricts you by number of words you can produce (2,000 free)