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0.26% AER boost on the Chip Instant Access Interest Rate for 90 days

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0.26% AER boost on the Chip Instant Access Interest Rate for 90 days

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0.26% boost in interest rate
0.26% AER boost on the Chip Instant Access Interest Rate for 90 days
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Chip Promo Code

Chip Promo Code

Chances are if you’re looking for a Chip promo code in 2024 then you know what this fintech company does, however if not, Chip is known as a wealth app, one that helps you to save and invest all in one intuitive platform. 

We’ve teamed up with them to offer you the following exclusive Chip referral codes so you can get a bonus when you sign up for the Chip app.

The Chip discount you can get:

Get an exclusive 0.26% boost to your interest rate by using our Chip promo code: CHIP-PRB109 when you sign up.

The  0.26% AER boost is applied on top of your existing Chip Instant Access interest rate (4.84% variable) for 90 days.

In order to get this boost, simply download Chip here and then deposit £5000 or more into an eligible account and then keep hold of your deposit for 30 days to qualify.

These Chip promo codes are valid and working, essentially giving you a bigger bonus the more your deposit into your account. These Chip referral codes essentially are an incentive for you to join and open an account. 

Although not the biggest bonuses, they are the best Chip sign up offers currently available for you to use, so make sure you take advantage of them whilst this Chip sign up promo is live and working.

We don’t know exactly how long this offer will last for and these types of sign up offers can change quickly with little notice, so if you are considering signing up then make sure you take advantage of these promo codes if you’re ready to join. 

How to use this Chip promo code

It’s simple to use our Chip promo codes, just follow the below steps:

  1. Download the Chip app
  2. Follow the steps in the app to sign up and open an account
  3. Important: Once you’ve opened your account, in the app go to Profile (bottom right icon) and scroll down to ‘Promos & Referrals’ and enter the Chip promo code: CHIP-PRB109
  4. Then you'll need to deposit £5,000 or more and keep the deposit in it for 30 days to qualify.
Chip app QR code

Use the QR code above if you're reading this on your laptop or desktop and want to download the Chip app on your phone, the link will take you directly to it.

Chip referral codes

Chip referral code

Much like the promo codes you’ll find in this guide, you can alternatively use a Chip referral code instead of a Chip coupon which will give you a 0.25% interest bonus for 3 months.

It’s worth working out how much this will earn you over the promo code offer to see which is the most effective for you, this will likely be dependant on your planned deposit amounts and how much the bonus interest rate boost could earn for you.

If you want to use our Chip referral code simply follow these steps:

  1. Head into the app (or download it here if you haven't got it)
  2. Head to your profile (bottom right icon)
  3. Scroll to 'Promos & Referrals'
  4. Enter the code: CHIP-PRB109 and click submit

Then once you've done that simply deposit £5000 or more into an eligible account and keep that money int their for min of 30 days in order to qualify.

About Chip

With over 500,000 customers they’ve grown quickly and it’s no surprise to see why. They make the process of managing your personal finance an easy and simple one, giving you access to competitive interest rates including easy access and cash ISA’s with rates that are often some of the leading in the market. 

Chip has adopted two technologies, open banking and AI to provide a fintech app that makes saving and investing a much better experience.

Open banking technology means that when you link up your bank account with Chip it can analyse your money, from the income coming in to the spending and outgoings. Based on your preset it can auto save and invest for you. 

Don’t worry though if the above sounds like it could auto save when you actually need the money in your bank account, you can set predefined criteria for when not to perform these auto saves, for example if you bank balance drops below £500 and when the saving is due to happen you do get notified which gives you the opportunity to stop the transaction. 

When you sign up you’ll need to link one of your bank accounts with the Chip app, the majority of UK banks are available including Barclays, Bank of Scotland, Monzo, HSBC, Natwest, First Direct, TSB, Santander, Starling, Revolut, RBS, Halifax and Ulster bank. 

Setting your saving goals

One of the great features of Chip is the flexibility in how you save as well as the  ability to set your savings goals as well as autosaves which can help you reach these targets.

You can set the app to auto save when you want it to, you can also set recurring saving amounts whether this is a monthly, weekly or daily basis and you can even decide exactly which day this will be. For example you could set it to auto save an amount the day after you are paid your salary. 

One clever feature that we really like is that you can set it up so Chip doesn’t do these autosaves when certain criteria are met, for example you can tell it not to perform the autosave if your bank balance is below a certain amount, a handy feature for those times when it may not be right to be saving. 

As with many companies they have integrated AI into their app, this cleverly can help you manage all of your savings and investing in a more powerful way than most apps. 

The rise of fintech apps like this has been huge across the world and especially in the UK where companies such as Revolut, Monzo, Moneybox and others have launched and grown to millions of customers in a matter of years.

Chip are regulated by the FSCS and there your eligible deposits of up to £85,000 are protected by this scheme and you can head across to the website where you’ll be able to browse through all of the saving options available to you and see the current rates available. 

Which savings & investment accounts are available in Chip?

Chip offers you a way to save and/or invest in one app, whether this is via a cash ISA, an easy access savings account, a stocks and shares ISA, into the S&P 100 or a variety of other ways.

The app is free to download and there are two plans to choose from, either a free (monthly) plan which incurs fees for autosaves and recurring saves or a paid plan (from £4.99 a month if paid annually) which waive these.

No matter the plan you choose, you’ll be able to access their core savings products which are the following:

Chip Instant Access account - 4.84% AER (variable tracker) paid monthly

One of their flagship accounts, this is an instant access savings so you can withdraw money very quickly as well as depositing almost instantly. The account has FSCS protection up to £85,000.

This account has been designed to give customers a competitive interest rate but also the flexibility of being able to withdraw when you need the money and the interest rate on this account will move with the market.

Chip Cash ISA account - 5.10% AER (variable tracker)

This is one of their newer offerings and gives you an instant cash ISA which can be a more tax efficient way for customers to save money whilst keeping all the flexibility that you may want.

They currently offer a 5.10% AER rate (variable tracker) and you’ll earn interest monthly and it will be tax free. You can also withdraw this without impacting your annual ISA allowance. 

Chip Prize Savings Account - Win a share of £75,000 in prizes

This type of saving account that Chip offer don’t let you earn interest on your money but instead give you a chance of winning monthly prizes.

This account acts like an instant access account so you can withdraw money quickly as well as depositing fast and is also protected by the FCSCS up to £85,000 for eligible deposits.

Each month you’ll be in with a chance of winning the grand prize of £10,000 or over 4,500 additional prizes.

Chip investment accounts

As well as the savings accounts above, Chip also offer various ways for you to invest your money into stocks and shares, general investing accounts and more.

To ensure accuracy and a full list we recommend either visiting the Chip website or downloading the app to see all of the options available.

Note: This guide is here to give you information about options available, it does not give or offer any financial advice, please only open an account and invest when you have understood the risks involved. Remember when investing your capital is at risk and may go up or down.

Chip pricing

If you’re wondering how much Chip costs or the different Chip pricing plans available then you’re in the right place.

Firstly, the app is completely free to download and this can be done here via the Apple App store or here via the Google Play store.

When you sign up you’ll be on the ‘Basic’ plan which has no monthly fees however it does cost you £0.45 for every autosave it performs and £0.25 per recurring save. There is a ‘ChipX’ plan which is £5.99 per month (or £65.05 annually, which works out at £4.99 every 28 days)  and this waives these fees and gives you unlimited free use of both autosaves and recurring saves, it also opens you up to having 0% platform fees (note that annual management fees still apply).

Chip pricing

For full details of all the different fees and costs please head to the Chip pricing page for an in depth list of all fees, costs and features of the plans available. 

Selecting which plan is right for you will come down to how much you will use the app and your preference, if you’re planning to use it a lot and set up regular recurring saves as well as auto saves it may be worth looking into the paid monthly plan as it may save you more than the fees associated with the free plan.

As always with any financial app or decision, do your research and make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Chip promo codes valid and working?

Yes, we work directly with Chip in order to make sure that any promo codes that we provide you are valid and working. It’s important to understand that we don’t find or publish any codes that are shared from the public as these often do not work or are not meant to be shared.

Can I add a Chip promo code after I’ve opened an account?

Yes, in most cases you’ll be able to apply the promo codes you find on this page to your existing account if you’ve opened an account recently. You can head to your profile and then the ‘Promo and Referrals’ section, add the code of your choice from this page. You’ll either see a success message or you’ll see that it isn’t working for your specific account.

Unfortunately if it doesn't work for your account there is no way around getting this to work. 

How do I enter a promo code on Chip?

It’s really simple to enter a promo code on chip, just follow the below steps:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the ‘Profile’ page (icon at bottom right)
  2. Scroll down and select ‘Promos & Referrals’ 
  3. On this page you’ll see ‘Enter promo code’ and here you can enter your Chip coupon or promo code and click submit to use it.
  4. You’ll then be greeted with a success if the code works or a message saying it didn’t work if the code is not valid

How do I get a Chip referral code?

If you’re looking to get your own personal Chip referral code then head into the app and heads to ‘Promos & Referrals’ then select the referral and you’ll be directed to get your own unique referral code which you can share with friends and family.

The reward for referring other people to Chip currently is a bonus in your interest however this can change so check on the app to see the latest referral bonus you can get.

What are the best Chip app promo codes?

We always strive to get you the best Chip app promo code so you can save the most or get the best sign up offer when you join Chip, we directly negotiate all of these with Chip themselves to make sure they are working and valid for you to use.

Occasionally you’ll find that there is a promo or coupon that you will find in the app itself if they are running a promotion, you can then follow the instructions that will be with that code in order to use that discount but it’ll likely be very similar to the instructions we have listed on this page.

What do I need to open a Chip account?

You’ll need some information to open a Chip account, this will include the usual things such as name, address, DOB but also you will need your National Insurance number and link one of your existing bank accounts to the app. The latter can be done by the open banking technology that they have integrated into the app.