Deel vs Remote

Two of the biggest names in the global payroll market, so which should you use?

Quick Summary:

Once your business grows and team too, you'll end up coming to a time in which you need to find the best payroll software that suits your needs, when this happens it's highly likely you'll end up looking at Deel vs Remote.

These are two of the biggest companies in the global payroll sector, both of which offer the core services you'll likely need including Employer of Record (EOR), contractor payment solutions. global payroll as well as all the additional services and features around this.

  • Deel has slightly better country coverage
  • Deel and Remote have very similar pricing, however Remote has lower cost per contractor
  • Deel currently have a $1,000 off deal when you combine global payroll and HR
  • Remote offers startups up to 25% off as well a discount if you pay annually

Our 30 second summary is that you can't go wrong with either Deel or Remote, larger companies may find Deel the best option, earlier stage may opt for Remote, however it's more down to your personal preference.


March 21, 2024

By Max

We've explored both options when it comes global payroll, having experienced both Deel's platform and Remote's, both offer core services which help you employ people abroad by using their local entity as well as have their expert help when it comes to staying complaint, abiding by laws, legislation and local taxes as well as having the ability to offer localized benefits.

Our honest comparison aims to help you work out which is right for your company needs based on the pro's, con's, features, pricing and overall suitability.

Deel vs Remote quick comparison

If you're looking for a short summary then check out the table below, this gives you an overview of the core features, pricing and overall rating if you're in need of a fast decision.


Deel vs Remote features

When it comes to features within each of these companies software's you'll find that both have a comprehensive range of the core features you need as well as welcomed additional features that can help.

International Payroll

Both Remote and Deel have intuitive platforms and all the features you'd expect and need for you to manage international payroll.

  • Deel offers payroll for over 100+ countries (with Deel entities in these countries)
  • Remote offers international payroll 75 countries and growing (with Remote owned entities)

So if you know that you operate in more unique countries Deel may have better coverage for you but in most cases both will be covered by both Remote and Deel, but its worth checking first.

Employer of Record

One of the most common services that attract customers to both of these companies is that of Employer of Record often referred to as EOR. This service allows you to employ employees internationally without any of the hassle and admin that comes with this, it also helps to ensure you abide by any local taxes, compliance and ability to offer localized benefits.

Deel and Remote both offer this service, with each covering all of the above options. Deel have Deel-owned entities in over 100 countries which means they can offer EOR services in these. offer this in 80 countries and like Remote have owned entities which gives an array of advantages over other competitors that don't.

With a slightly better country coverage, Deel tops this category just.

Best for EOR: Deel just edges this


When it comes to hiring contractors, businesses often leverage specialized software solutions like Remote or Deel to streamline operations, reducing administrative tasks, minimizing errors, and cutting costs. These platforms not only enhance the speed of hiring and payments but also handle tax compliance, local laws, taxes, and more.

In nearly every scenario, both Remote and Deel can cater to all your contractor management needs. However, when it comes to pricing, Remote stands out, offering plans starting at just $29 per contractor per month, whereas Deel starts at $49.

If you're specifically seeking the best contractor management service and don't anticipate needing additional features, Remote's offering is the more budget-friendly choice due to its lower pricing.

Best for Contractors: Remote wins due to price

Deel vs Remote pricing

We all know that price is one of the major factors affecting decisions, so comparing Remote vs Deel pricing offers you a way to see from a straight forward financial point of view which plan may be right for you.

As you'd expect both work on a subscription based pricing model so the cost will mainly depend on the number of employees you're wanting to be manage using these global employment services.

Deel pricing

Deel make it quick straight forward when it comes to pricing for both contractors and Employer of Record, giving a price per person per month, this makes it quite simple to work out an idea of the cost to your business.

  • Employer of Record (EOR): Starts from $599 per month per employee
  • Contractor: Starts from $49 per month per contractor
  • Global Payroll: Contact Deel sales for pricing
  • Deel HR: Starts from free for up to 200 employees
  • Immigration: Contact sales for pricing
Deel pricing

Remote pricing

Lets compare this to Remote's pricing, Remote's pricing much like Deel offer a cost per contractor and EOR, so it's quite easy to compare the pricing.

  • Employer of Record (EOR): $599 per month per employee if paid annually or $699 monthly
  • Contractor: $29 per month per contractor.
  • Global Payroll: From $50 per employee per month

If you're a startup you may be able to take advantage of this Remote promo code giving you 25% off.

Remote pricing

Best price wise: Draw

There really isn't much in it in terms of pricing, Remote have a better price when it comes to contractors but Deel's price for EOR is better without having to make an annual payment. If you're looking for global payroll then we suggest getting prices for both in order to compare these.

Pros and Cons of Deel

As one of the biggest payroll software solutions around thousands of companies opt for them, below you'll find the pros and cons in our opinion of using for your company.

Why we like Deel

Some of the pros to using Deel for your company and reason we like the offering are:

  • Biggest range of countries - if you're looking to hire across many countries, Deel is most likely to cover it due to having one of the largest range of countries that they cover.
  • Deel HR free offering - Companies with under 200 employees can take advantage of the Deel HR offering for free.
  • Intuitive user interface - easy to use for companies of all sizes
  • Experts with big name customers - Specializing in this sector and with over 20,000 companies including big names such as Dropbox, Nike, Shopify, Intercom and Notion
  • Great for remote teams - Deel is a great option for companies who have a remote workforce.

Why we don't like Deel

In general, Deel is loved by many, but there are a few things to keep in mind such as:

  • Contractor not the best price - If you're after contractor management as a core service, Deel isn't the cheapest option
  • Some pricing is hidden - You have to contact sales to get pricing for certain services such as global payroll
  • Contract misclassification protection isn't standard - If you want this included you'll need to pay an additional fee

Pros and Cons of

As with any software, there are positives and negatives of each, overall Remote's offering is much loved by companies across the world, having said that you'll find our honest opinion of the positives as well as the negatives of using Remote.

Why we like Remote

Remote's offering is loved by many and reasons we think it's great are:

  • Best Contractor fees - if you're after contractor management then Remote's great rates per employee is hard to beat
  • Fast sign up - Joining Remote is quick and when using it to onboard new team members it's a speedy process.

Why we don't like Remote

There are a few reasons why Remote may not be for you, so bear these points in mind:

  • Hidden prices - Some services require you to contact sales, this is often the case when custom plans need to be given, however this can still be frustrating to not have an idea of pricing.
  • Lack of phone support - If you like picking up the phone then Remote currently don't offer this as a way of getting in touch with support, this could be a deal breaker for some.

Deel vs. Remote User Experience

Having software and a platform that has an easy to use interface is an important factor when it comes to selecting which payroll software to use, luckily both Remote and Deel both have equally impressive interfaces which won't take long for you or whoever will manage the software to get to grips with.

Deel interface examples

Deel dashboard
Interface example
Remote dashboard
User interface showing integrations

One downside to Deel is that they currently don't offer a mobile app where as does, this could be a factor that makes your decision if this is important to you.

Customer support

As you'd expect both Remote and Deel both offer multiple options when it comes to customer support and are there to help guide you through setup, on-going operations as well as any issues that you may encounter on the way.


Who uses these companies?

Businesses of all sizes use both and for their payroll, recruitment management,, hr management, to pay contractors, vacation management, time off tracking, hr planning, handling of compliance documents and related services, so whether you're a small team or large enterprise the global payroll solution is suitable for you. As you'd expect this means that both of these companies have got thousands of happy existing customers.

Both payroll SaaS solutions are available for companies based in the US, UK, Europe and most countries around the world.

Deel have some well known customers including:

Remote also have some well known customers including:

As you'll see, Deel have some of the largest SaaS companies who use them as well as some of the biggest companies in the world, Remote also have a range of large enterprises and global companies.

Deel vs Remote reviews

When making any type of decision when it comes to using software, it's always good to check reviews and as well as using each software ourselves we've also looked into the reviews that customers have left for both of these companies.

Deel currently have over 2,900 reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.8, they have 90% 5 star reviews and have a very impressive overall level of customer review. Many points are mentioned from customers including:

  • Fast and effective customer support
  • A great platform
  • Helped make a seemingly hard task much easier
  • Positive experience with visa issues

Remote currently has over 1,100 reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.6, with a majority of those (over 80%) giving it 5 stars. The reviews are generally very positive with many mentioning:

  • Great customer service
  • Making complex payroll simple and easy
  • Low fees

Overall the feedback and customer reviews for both are impressive, however Deel do have an overall better rating.

Which should you use Deel or Remote?

The good news is whichever you use you should get a great service, whether this is for dealing with your contractors, Employer on Record or global payroll as a whole. When it comes to Deel vs Remote both companies offer a core legal entity option whereby they have these entities set up and you can use them to hire, they also offer a very similar range of services in general so unless you're after something quite specific either should cover your needs.

This may be quite a frustrating answer as you may want us to highly recommend one over the other to make your decision easier, however the decision really comes down to your businesses preference. The only swaying points either way are that Deel have slightly larger coverage of countries so if your workforce operates in multiple countries with some being more unusual, then using Deel as your global payroll solution may be the better options.

If on the other hand, you mainly hire contractors then you may want to opt to use Remote for your global employment needs as they are better priced for this service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote vs Deel

We hope that this guide looking at Remote vs Deel has helped give you an idea of which global payroll solution is right for you, but if you've still got some questions see if they are answered below.

Is Deel better than Remote?

There's no straight forward answer to this, it does depend on the features that you need, the countries that you wish to employ in and pricing. Both will offer a great experience when it comes to payroll and management of it in comparison to trying to do it yourself and deal with tax compliance, benefits management, setting up of legal enttity and compliance document collection.

Is Deel reputable?

Yes, they have over 20,000 customers across the world and some of the biggest companies in the world use them, they also have an abundance of positive reviews.

How do Deel and Remote make money?

Both these companies work on a subscription basis, whereby you pay a set fee per contractor or EOR as well as other pricing for custom global payrolls for larger companies. They've developed the software so that they can factor in their own costs and make a profit on these prices.

Who covers more countries?

At the time of writing this, Deel cover more countries than Remote, however both cover the major and most popular countries that companies looking to use payroll software generally hire in.

Information we provide is for general information and does not constitute financial advice. Always ensure do your own research when making decisions especially financial ones.
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