Omnisend Free Plan vs Paid Plans

We take a look at the Omnisend free plan and what you get in comparison to the paid plans as well as looking at the platform as a whole and if it's suitable for you.

Omnisend Free Plan vs Paid Plans

Omnisend Free Plan vs Paid Plans

We take a look at the Omnisend free plan and what you get in comparison to the paid plans as well as looking at the platform as a whole and if it's suitable for you.

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June 28, 2024

By Max

Email marketing has been around for years and years, sometimes we marketing avenues they diminish over time as other avenues come in but email has stood the test of time with it being taken as one of the most valuable ways for companies to market to both new and existing customers. Today we're looking into Omnisend, which is an email marketing solution with a focus on ecommerce marketing automation.

The platform allows you to set up email marketing automation for things such as cart recovery, cart abandonment, win backs, welcome emails and much more. You know when you've added something to your basket at a website and then gone off the site whether through changing your mind or simply exiting but then you get an email either reminding you about the items in your basket/cart or an offer such as a discount on them, well this is exactly the type of thing that the Omnisend software allows you to do.

Omnisend Free Plan

We do love a freebie, or in this case a free plan. This differs to a free trial and this plan means you can have an account and use the features that apply to this plan for as long as you want, unlike a trial where you may get x amount of days to try them out. The Omnisend free plan currently allows you to send 15,000 emails a month (up to 2,000 per day), it allows you to have sign up forms, look at reports and segment customers.

The key thing that is missing from the free plan (which we can't complain about seeing as it's free) is the marketing automation that you get in the paid plans, this really is the key to saving you time and making sure that your email conversion rate is as good as it can be. You can see the key features that the free plan includes below:

  • 15,000 emails per month (max 2,000 per day)
  • Email campaigns
  • Signup forms
  • Sales and performance reports
  • Segmentation and customer analytics
  • and more

The paid plans include this as well as pre-built workflows i.e they've tested what works and save you a ton of time by allowing you to duplicate or adapt them to your business. They also have A/B testing as a feature meaning you can test out different email templates or wording or even the time that emails are sent to see what works for your customers.

A brief feature list below shows you what the first tier paid plan includes:

  • All of the free plan features above
  • Marketing automation (this is key)
  • Pre-built workflows (super useful)
  • SMS (international)
  • A/B testing
  • 24/7 support
  • and much more

Is it worth going for a Omnisend free plan or should you go for a paid plan? Well we think depending on your business need and the stage at which you're at will give you the answer. If you're a new business starting out you may want to keep costs down and try the free plan to see how you get on, if you're seeing a good response from the emails that you send out then it's a good idea to then look to upgrade your account so that you can take advantage of the premium features. The main ones as mention above are the automation which will save you time, the prebuilt workflows which also save you time but also have the data/lessons that Omnisend has learnt from it's many years in email marketing to help you send the best emails and then the A/B testing which is great for you to really hone down your emails to your audience and test what works.

Sound interesting? You can get a better idea of how it works by having a look at some of their customer success stories here

Omnisend Free Trial

Another option for you to do is to try the Omnisend free trial and use it on one of the paid plans, whether it's the standard or pro plan, this way you get to try all of the features of these plans for free to ensure they work right for your business. Note if you're looking into the enterprise option then it may be worth chatting them directly as they don't currently offer a free trial on this plan.

The trials give you all the access to the features however there are some restrictions on the number of emails you can send in the trial. See their site for the latest on this.

Omnisend discount code

Now if we've convinced you you to give them a go, then we recommend you look at the Omnisend promo code that we've got on our website, this gives our members 30% off plans for 3 months, so if for example you decided on the pro plan you'd save $99 over those 3 months, which equates to a whole month free. You can use that $99 saving to invest in other parts of your business or simply just keep it in your business bank for future expenses.

Head across to their pricing page to find how more about the different plans and to signup.

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