When it comes to finding out how to incorporate your business in Canada there are several ways to do it, we look at them and see which is best.

How to incorporate your business in Canada

When it comes to finding out how to incorporate your business in Canada there are several ways to do it, we look at them and see which is best.

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May 11, 2021

By Max

So here's the situation, you live in Canada and you want to start a business, after some research you'll soon realise you need to incorporate to become an official business. As with most things it's likely that your first port of call will be to head to Google and you'll find out that there's an array of companies out there that offer a service to do this or you can do it yourself but which should you do?

Incorporating your business in Canada

There are several reasons why incorporating your business is needed but working out who to do this with can be tricky, we've come across many in the past but one of our favourites in terms of both offerings and recommendations from our Canadian founder community is that of Ownr which is a company that specifically helps you out in this area. What we love about them is that not only do they have a great looking and functional website, the offering they give does exactly what you want when you want it.

Once you've joined, you'll be able to both create as well as store, and update legal documents online as well as access a large number of resources to help you as a business now and in the future.

These legal documents are important, they're the pieces of the pie as per say to ensure that your business is legal and you're able to run it smoothly. Using a company like this isn't a necessity but it can give you the peace of mind to know that in terms of the legal side of your new business it's covered and that all those important documents are in one place, accessible when you need them. These types of documents include the formation documents and signatures (digital).

Should I be incorporated or a sole proprietor?

This is an important question you need to ask yourself, there are tax implications as well as personal liability issues, whether you have multiple business owners or just yourself as well as many other questions. Rather than go into specifics the team over at Ownr have made a beautiful table for you to quickly see which you should go for, if you click the image below you'll be able to find out more about each section on the left.

Credit: Ownr

How long does it take to incorporate a business in Canada?

This can vary but generally you'll find with companies such as Ownr the process takes less than 15 minutes, which means it's quick and hassle free, so you can get on with other important aspects of your business. So get started, register your business and sit back, by the time you've been able to get yourself a coffee your business will be ready!

Ownr vs registering a company yourself

You'll likely be thinking whether it's worth using a company like Ownr or simply register the business yourself, ultimately of course that decision is up to you. If you're looking for a simple, hassle free method of doing it then we'd recommend considering a company like this as it's not only setup purely to help people like yourself incorporate as easily and as painless as possible but their whole website is a great tool in itself for managing your business resources (legal documents etc) once you have.

If you're anything like us sometimes it's just easier to have all your documents in one place, ready to access and no risk of accidentally throwing them away.

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